The ultimate guide to choosing your perfect tone of blonde: Lookbook Edition


I was watching a movie with my husband the other day and it showed some ladies in a hair salon, requesting to look through books to choose the hair color they wanted. It brought back some memories (and made me feel a little older) to the pre-instagram days where all we had to choose from for hair colors were based on what you saw in magazines and TV. I am SO thankful for instagram and all the different options there are now for clients to choose a hair color, as well as how educated clients can be just based on social media and blogs!

This got me thinking, I’ve made hair color chart, after hair color chart for my insta feed. But why haven’t I put together an organized “lookbook” for clients to browse through instead of having to scroll forever on my instagram!? So here we have it…The ULTIMATE guide to choosing the perfect tone of blonde. LOOK BOOK EDITION! Now there’s no need to screen shot picture after picture on instagram, and hopefully this helps also give some insight based on which hair color tone you’re most drawn to! Enjoy XOXO

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Warm tones are often described as buttery, honey, golden, or bronze and have underlying tones of yellow, red or orange. Golden toned blondes can be very beautiful and also appear brighter, and shinier than ashy blondes. This color works well with gold, peach or yellow skin tones.


Neutral blondes are right in the middle of cool and warm. I like to think of neutral with beige, creamy, or wheat tones. This is the perfect way get a balance of cooler and warm tones!


If you like blondes that have icy, gray, ashy, or pearl tones to them, that means you prefer a cool toned blonde. The undertones are violet, blue, and ash. If your skin tone has more pink, blue or red undertones cooler blondes will look best on you! When asking for a "cool" toned blonde, tell your stylist that you like your color to be more on the ashier side. This type of color usually takes a few visits to achieve even if starting out blonde, because you have to eliminate all warmth from the hair.

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