A guide to going blonder with your hair

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Can my hair handle it? And if so are you okay with having drier hair and some possible damage?
This is the number one deciding factor of going blonder with your hair. If your stylist says your hair can't handle going blonder. LISTEN TO THEM. I have seriously refused to do services because of damage, and it's in the clients best interest! If you have severe breakage and feel that your hair is currently damaged, I wouldn't recommend going lighter. I don't want to be responsible for your damaged hair, and certainly don't want to make it worse. So, trust your stylist if she says it's not in your best interest to go blonder...they're doing you a favor I promise. 

However, I'm not saying no one can ever go blonde! I do have some clients who come in with  healthy hair, and going blonde in this scenario is fine. If you and your stylist do decide your hair can handle going blonder, plan on having somewhat drier hair, during the process and still possible damage with time. Anytime your lightening from the root, to the ends of your hair, especially over and over again (which is what has to be done with going blonder), it is damaging to your hair. SO, once your to the desired shade of blonde, make sure your stylist is ONLY touching up the regrowth of your hair! This will be the point when your hair won't be as damaged, since the regrowth is the healthiest part of your hair, and untouched with previous color! YAY!

Check out these safe blonding transformations:

Are you aware it might take time to get to your desired end result?
Another huge question to ask yourself. Going Blonde is a process for some clients! Taking your hair lighter in one visit is sometimes not achievable because of damage, or because your current color is starting so dark. Sometimes you see pictures of blonde transformations on Instagram from pages like Olaplex or Guy Tang, but what clients don't realize is that most of those transformations are an all day process. 
Celebrity Stylist Guy Tang for example schedules about 1-2 clients a day, if it is a big transformation like going from brunette to blonde, he'll schedule the client for 8 hours, costing easily $1,000+  So, while yes you can transform your hair in one visit, plan accordingly with your stylist and schedule more than a 2 hour appointment, and expect to pay for an entire days worth of time. 

^^ #TRUTH ^^


Are you willing to invest in the maintenance of having blonde hair? 
While going blonder you'll need to come in around every 6-8 weeks during the process. Once your color is as blonde as desired, plan on coming in to get your hair colored anywhere from 6-12 weeks. The longer you go, I would recommend coming in for a glaze halfway between your appointment to help prevent any yellow tones. 

Are you planning to invest in high quality shampoo and conditioners?
Don't even plan on being blonde while using drugstore shampoo. First, why invest so much time and money in your hair and then use $5 shampoo on it? Secondly, blonde hair is the most fragile, and driest hair of all. You have to plan on taking care of it like crazy!!


-A high quality shampoo and conditioner
-A deep conditioner every week
-A leave in conditioner every time your hair is wet
-Oils for moisture
-Heat protectants every time you style
Here are my favorites: 


Will you be religiously using a purple shampoo? 
Purple shampoo is a must for anyone blonde! I use the Blonda Purple Shampoo from Unite once a week for about 30 seconds. This helps prevent brassy tones, and brightens your blonde. I've used soooo many different purple shampoos and this one is for sure my favorite one out there! 

Are you able to lay off the heat daily? 
When your blonde is is important to try and only use heat when needed! Try only blowdrying your hair twice a week. Curl it 4 days a week and wear it up or do a light touch up with the curling iron on the others. It's not good for anyone to blow dry and flat iron/curl your hair every day, but especially blondes! 


The bottom line is, only go blonder, or start the blonding journey if you and your stylist decide its in the best interest of your hair! Healthy hair is happy hair!! 





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