The wedding day attire

I’m so excited to share all the wedding day outfit, accessories and details with you guys! I will be linking the items we purchased at the bottom of the post!

Getting Ready


Getting ready with everyone was such a fun part of the wedding day! I got ready at the venue with my bridesmaids, my mom and mother in law. It was so nice to be able to get ready at the venue and not worry about driving to the ceremony after getting hair and makeup done. If you can get ready at your venue or nearby I for sure recommend it! Make sure to buy waters, snacks like finger sandwhiches, fruit and veggies! And don’t forget the champagne!

I gifted my bridesmaids with a cute box they could put all their items in with their initial on them.

In each box I had:

  • Kendra Scott Earrings that matched their dress (if you mention you’re getting the earnings for your wedding party you can get a discount on your purchase depending on how many pairs your buying!)

  • A champagne flute that said bridesmaid, maid of honor, or mother of the bride/groom

  • A pair of silver flip flops to change into later

I also got them these cute silk robes with their names on them. I wanted to get them robes they could wear again, so I choose to put their first names instead of “bridesmaid”

I love when everything flows together, so I choose to get robes that matched the color of the dresses and I got my mom and mother in law dark navy colored robes to match the color scheme! I also had the hangers made with their names on them as well!

IMG_7817 2.jpg

The Bridal Party Attire


Choosing the attire for the bridal party was one of the most difficult wedding planning decisions for me. I knew I wanted neutral colors but that was about it. It was hard to make a decision between mis-matched bridesmaid dresses, the suit colors, and the bridesmaid dress colors! Ultimately after reaching out to my photographer and wedding planner (who are both super detail oriented, and a little OCD like me) they helped me make a decision that would look best and flow nicely in photos.

Our photographer explained that darker suits always make the dresses pop! So true! Especially against the white dress. And dark colors for groomsmen tend to photograph better and look more “fancy and elegent” She explained her opinion on keeping the groomsmen and groom in the same colors tends to look more cohesive, rather than having the groom in a separate color than the groomsmen. This made me realize I wanted everyone in the same color palettes, because I am lover of all things cohesive! For someone who has her entire closet color coordinated, I don’t know why I was thinking mismatched dresses would work for me..haha.

I feel like you see sooo many examples and ideas on pinterest that it can get overwhelming! So I loved getting this honest opinion from a photographers point of view. I think mismatched groomsmen or bridesmaids can look great! But for someone like me, who likes things in order and is super OCD- it just wasn’t my style. I knew I would overthink it too much, haha.

We ended up choosing black suits for the guys and light grey dresses for the bridesmaids! Each bridesmaid got to choose her own neckline, which I loved. They were able to pick a dress that worked best with their body type, and it still looked “mismatched” but with the same colors!

And she was right! Everything flowed together and looked cohesive, just like I imagined! Also…can we talk about how cute our ring bearer and flower girl were? I had them somewhat match the bridal party, again with the cohesiveness ;)

The Dress


And now….the DRESS! AHH, I miss my dress. I wish it was acceptable to wear it for date night on the weekend, haha. :(

So, I was never one of those people who thought about their wedding dress before getting engaged! So I had no idea what to get, or what style I wanted. But when I tried this one on…I knew! I would recommend trying on all the different styles of dresses until you find one that you like!

I loved the lace detail, of my dress and the long train. I added the lace sleeves to match the lace on the dress, and opted for a long veil with lace to match my dress as well!

My wedding day accessories included: (I will link these at the bottom of the post)

  • Matching Kendra Scott earnings and necklace

  • Custom Lace Veil

  • Matching hair pins

  • Lace wedge heels

  • Detachable custom lace sleeves

One of my favorite moments of the day was my bridesmaids “first look” It was so fun to put my dress on and see their reaction! Eric and I didn’t do a first look, so it was really sweet and fun to do something like this with my girls!

Photographer: Honey Gem Creative
Bridesmaid Robes: Tohappilyeverafter on Etsy
Bridesmaid Earrings: Kendra Scott (Similar earrings here)
Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way but they went out of business. I would recommend: Azazie or Lulus for inexpensive and similar styles!
Groomsmen Ties: The Tie Bar
My Dress Designer: Pronovias
My Dress Shop: Serendipity Bridal Austin
My Moms Dress: Nordstrom-Pisarro Nights Beaded Pencil Dress
My Shoes: Nordstrom- Elyana Strappy Wedge Sandal
My Necklace: Kendra Scott- Shelly Pendant Necklace
My Earrings: Kendra Scott- Bea Drop Earrings
My Hair Accessories: TopGracia on Etsy

I hope you guys enjoyed reading all about our wedding day attire! Comment below with any other questions! Next up: Wedding hair and makeup!


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