The wedding video & full ceremony unedited!

GUYS!!!!!!! I am SO SO SO excited to share the wedding video with yall! So many of you guys have been following me and with me as clients for the entire year we’ve been planning. As much as I try to share and tell you all about it online and in the salon there just really isn’t a way to share this day with you guys other than photos…until NOW! At the end of this post I’m attaching the edited video of our wedding day and also the full ceremony, completely unedited! (I actually wrote our entire ceremony as well)

You’ll really enjoy watching me say my vows in the unedited video, because I got cut off…by a train.

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I wanted to be able to give you all a little piece of our wedding day, and the video gives us all the feelings and emotions all over again, and I hope it will for you too. .

We were torn about hiring a videographer for our wedding day because we paid for our entire wedding ourselves, and we didn’t have a large budget. I will tell you right now, it was worth every penny and more. If I would have had to make a choice between food and the video…lets just say my guests would have been hungry. haha..

I did a lot of research online about wedding planning and one thing I kept reading over and over again was that most brides #1 regret was not hiring a videographer for their wedding. I didn’t want to look back and regret anything (and I honestly don’t!) We used Paperbird Films for our videographer and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them. One thing we were nervous about too was being on camera, and honestly we didn’t even notice our videographer was there, because he was so discrete.

Everything about our wedding day was so amazing and it honestly was the best day of my life. When I woke up on our wedding day it was like waking up to all of my childhood Christmas Day’s in one moment. I was so nervous, excited, and ready to marry Eric. I got ready with my bridesmaids, my mom and mother in law. It was quiet and intimate which helped me stay calm. We drank mimosas, got our hair and makeup done, and one of my favorite moments was the bridesmaids first look. It was so special.

I was so nervous leading up to the wedding and on the day of because we were saying our own vows. I hate public speaking and I didn’t want to mess up, or cry too hard. I was overthinking it for weeks. I even messaged my officiant (aka my uncle) and asked him to write up a back up plan for the part where we said our vows incase I choked. I was just so nervous about it and I don’t know why! Looking back saying our own vows was another one of the decisions I am so happy about.

The moment leading up to me walking down the isle felt like an eternity. We all lined up to walk out, obviously me being last. I watched each bridesmaid and groomsmen walk before me, one by one. This was the moment I had been dreaming of in my head over and over for a year. My head was going crazy with nerves because of the vows and the excitement. As I heard the bridal party song start to end and the last bridesmaid and groomsmen were no longer in sight, there I was. Just my mom, my wedding planner and I. I couldn’t imagine any other 2 people more calming to be with in that moment. I felt like I was going to faint, I got soo dizzy and started to cry a little but they both calmed me down so gently.

Then I heard the song come on. The piano version of A Thousand Years. The song I was sure was overplayed at this point, after replaying it on youtube over and over again for the past year. I waited for that moment, really my whole life, but for that moment with the song, and my first step out towards my future with Eric, with my mom walking me down the isle. The feeling was unreal.

Guys that walk was longgg, really, it was a long walk from the bridal suite to the ceremony site at our venue. And it sounds cliche, but with each step I took all of my nerves were slowly going away and by the time I was in front of Eric, and in front of all of our friends and family. I was calm. I was at home. I said the vows, even better than I thought I would.

Everything was perfect, and we had so much fun dancing with our friends and family the rest of the night. Like everyone said, it went by so fast and before I knew it the night was over and we were in the limo on our way home. Getting these videos back was like reliving the day all over again. I hope you guys enjoy them!

I have attached our edited video of our entire wedding day below!

And here is the full ceremony, unedited!

I decided to share the unedited wedding ceremony with you guys for a few reasons. One, so you guys could share the moment with us. But also because its real, and raw. You guys can see each moment of the ceremony, from Erics reaction… to the train cutting me off. I wrote our ceremony script for my uncle to read, and I looked up a ton of youtube videos trying to get inspiration for the ceremony wording. I hope this video can help someone else write their own vows, their own ceremony, or help calm your nerves about saying your own vows on your wedding day.

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