Why I get Botox in my 20's

When I turned 25, I went through somewhat of a "quarter life crisis." It was the first Birthday I wasn't super excited about and it was the first time I felt like I was "getting older." After I turned 25 I not only changed and matured a lot as a woman, I also changed a lot about my skin care and beauty routine. This is when I regularly started seeing an esthetician for facials, getting peels, taking multivitamins, using sunscreen daily, stopped using tanning beds (which I should have done a long time ago I know) started using quality skincare products...and it was also the first time I got Botox

Some of you might read this and think getting botox at the age of 25 is crazy...but is it really? While I don't have profound wrinkle lines, I did have very defined lines when I would raise my eyebrows, or squint my eyes. But thats not the only reason I did it. My amazing P-A Dana Kirk and I like to think of it as, Preventative Botox- injecting botox into areas before wrinkles form. This means, when I'm 30,40,50, and 60 I won't be needing more invasive procedures...because I already got a head start. Yay me! Therefore, by starting earlier I can prevent it from ever happening in the first place. 

Since we brought on Dana to Blonde Faith Salon, I have been receiving lots of questions from clients (between the ages of 22-60+) about botox. So, I did some research and decided to partner up with the amazing Dana Kirk, to answer all of those questions you guys have! 

My First Procedure
I was SO nervous. My hands were sweaty, my heart was beating out of my chest, I kept wondering  if anyone would notice? Would it hurt? What if it looked bad? Can I undo it? Will I look frozen?What are the side effects? Will I keep having to get it done?

Dana made me feel calm, relaxed, and confident with her warm and soothing personality. She analyzed my face, and kept a conservative approach in mind as she does with most clients. The first thing she noticed was my "angry 11's" (or resting bitch face) and the second was my defined lines on my forehead when I would raise my eyebrows. We did a small amount of injections the first time I had it done, about 4 in-between my eyebrows and 6 in my forehead. This would cost about $10 a unit, so $100. 

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Did it hurt?- After the first injection, I was like...oh that was it!? It didn't hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting. It felt like a small pinch, or an ant bite. My forehead didn't hurt much at all, in-between my eyebrows hurt a little more, but it wasn't unbearable. Now after having it done several times, it doesn't hurt at all, I actually look forward to it :) The weirdest thing to me is feeling/hearing a slight "crunch" when she injects my upper forehead area, since my skin is thiner there, but it doesn't hurt. Sometimes I have slight bruising around my temple area, but it's nothing I can't cover up with makeup. 

Did anyone notice? No one would have ever known that I had Botox. Although...my skin looks smooth and clear, my resting bitch face is no longer a problem, and my eyebrows now have that perfect arch. I wouldn't say anyone noticed my actual botox procedure, you just look and feel better after! 

Is it something I have to keep up with? Since my first time getting Botox about 7 months ago, I've had it done about 4-5 times, the first coupe times we added a little more than I did previously...but still not going overboard. Now I just get touch ups. I normally do my forehead, above my brows, in-between my eyebrows and I recently started doing Botox in my upper lip. (More on this later) 

I have probably gotten Botox done more than most people would need to at my age, but that's only because I have access to Mrs. Dana everyday... As a typical client in your mid twenties, you could plan on seeing Dana every 3-4 months for touch ups. 

What is the cost? Minimal injections like mine start at $80 and go up to $200, this would be about 8-20 units. This is for a very conservative approach usually for younger clients just starting. *Botox is not one of those things you should try to find a good deal for*

Will I notice immediately? No. However, Dana says, the younger the skin the quicker you'll notice it kicking in. But It usually takes anywhere from 2 days to a week to notice. 

Everything I love about Botox:

It made it almost impossible for me to scrunch up my forehead/brows - therefore preventing the wrinkles from forming, and also helping me not to frown so much! 

It helped with my headaches and migraines!- I used to get headaches almost daily. Now, I get a headache maybe twice a month, if that. 

My Skin looks clear, smooth and shiny. 

My eyebrows have more of an arch and look more lifted

Recently my favorite is botox in my upper lip. 
-I always hated that when I smiled my upper lip curled under instead of out. I had always thought about doing subtle lip injections, or fillers to get a little bit of an extra plump...but I was nervous. Dana suggested we start with a little bit of botox in my upper lip to help raise it! It was a great start for me, and I loved it. I noticed a difference, but it definitely left me wanting more. The upper lip hurt more than any other injection, but was still bearable. After trying botox in my lips, I was ready to try lip fillers! I wanted it to still look natural, and not too noticeable. So there I was, giving it a try! This was MUCH more painful than anything else we've done. But...150% worth it. I'm literally obsessed. My lips look slightly fuller, and that upper lip under curl is gone!

My Lip filler before and after!

My Lip filler before and after!

While I'm not advocating anyone to start getting botox when they're "too young", it is definitely something I am glad I started doing. As long as you are going to the right PA, and staying conservative with your injections. I don't see any harm in starting Botox in your mid twenties! 



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