Best Hot Tools by Price

Hey guys! I get so many questions about styling tools so I decided to do a little research and round up the best styling tools out there for yall! I have each category listed by 3 different price points, for any budget. You can click the photo for the direct link to buy. Hope this helps! 

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Blow Dryers: 

I think investing in a good quality blow dryer is one of the most important tools, especially if you have extra thick, frizzy hair. Investing in an "above average" blow dryer will help speed up your blow dry time, and smooth your hair which is totally worth it!

Babyliss Pro ($139) 
This is an awesome deal because it comes with the 1" flat iron too! The babyliss blow drier helps with static and closes the cuticle for smooth, shiny results. It also has 6 heat/speed settings! This is for sure the best deal I've found for an inexpensive, yet good quality blow dryer.


T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i ($250)
Next up is the beautiful T3 blow dryer! T3 is getting a lot of hype on social media..I mean who wouldn't want this gorgeous white, rose gold blow drier?! They claim its "healthier than air drying" But what is so great about this dryer other than its beauty?  The combination of T3 Tourmaline® SoftAire™ technology, (responsible for quick, healthy drying,) and an ion generator for its frizz-reducing, gloss-boosting power, results in the quick, frizz free blowouts. 


Dyson Supersonic ($399)
And...the Dyson! Did you know it took engineers over 4 years to make this dryer? $399 is not cheap for a blow dryer, but heres why its so worth it...This blow dyer has intelligent heat control technology, which helps prevent heat damage. The temperature is measured 20 times a second and transmits this data to the microprocessor, which intelligently controls the patented compact heating element from reaching extreme, hair damaging temperatures. The powerful tool moves over 13 liters of air every second. Combined with Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier™ technology, air is amplified threefold, creating a high pressure, focused jet of air for controlled, precise, drying and styling. The digital motor V9 is on average six times faster, a third of the weight, and half the size of other hair dryer motors. Due to its compact size, Dyson was able to put the motor in the handle, making the dryer feel balanced in your hands. my opinion, I would say its totally worth the investment if you have hair thats hard to manage, or extra damaged...but if you have fine, thinner strands, I would go with the less expensive option.

Flat Irons:

GHD 1" ($119)
How cute is this periwinkle flat iron?! My favorite thing about it is that it has a built in "sleep mode" that turns the iron off on 30 minutes if not used. I'm always guilty of leaving my flat iron on! It has rounded edges, perfect for flat iron curls and always leaves my hair smooth and shiny! It's now 40% off for a limited time! 

T3 Single Pass Lux ($180)
The T3 flat iron has digital "single pass" technology, delivering consistent heat without overexposure..all in one single pass! The ceramic plates give shine and smoothness, and it has a heat setting from 260°F – 410°F! 


Unite Pro Systems Flat Iron ($250)
I LOVE my Unite flat iron! It's my favorite for flat iron curls. This is what we use all day at Blonde Faith and it creates smooth, long lasting curls! 



Curling Irons: 
These are honestly the best 2 curling irons I've used, so I'm just keeping this list to 2 instead of 3 :) 
Bioionic Curling Iron 1" ($130)
I love my Bioionic curling iron! It has Bioceramic heaters for longer lasting curls and waves. I feel like it keeps my hair shiny without damage, and has different heat settings, plus a 1 hour automatic shut off! (P.S. I found this curling iron on overstock for $99)  Click the photo for the overstock link. When buying this iron make sure it always comes with the long clip. 


T3 Twirl Convertable 1.25" ($180)
The best thing about this curling iron is that it has interchangeable barrels sold for $85 each... so if you like to play around with different curls this is your best option! It comes with 5 different heat settings and an auto shut off. I personally use the T3 1.25" and never really feel the need to switch out the barrels. But you can buy the wand, clipless barrels in 1'-1.5", as well as different sized clip barrels. 



1" Hot Tools Flipperless Curling Wand ($40)
Hot tools always makes affordable, easy to use products that seem to last for years. 

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron ($50)
Babyliss is another great quality, yet inexpensive tool brand. The Nano titanium plates keep your hair smooth and shiny! 


T3 Whirl Converteble ($185)
And...of course! The T3 wand. T3 is an amazing high quality brand, that delivers beautiful results. I added this one because although the price is much higher than the other 2 irons, you are able to interchange the barrels for different size curls. You can buy the whirl trio (4 barrels for $270)

Water Filters: 

I know this technically isn't a hot tool...but I wanted to add this one in just for fun :) 

The T3 Source In-Line ($70)
T3 helps with Hair Health and Beauty Benefits
(when compared to using tap water):
49% Reduction in frizz
22% Increase in body
36% Increase in comb-ability
31% Increase in shine

Rain Drop Luxe by 901 Salon ($120)
Distributed from my favorite salon in Cali, 901, Raindrops™ purifies the water in a 6 step filtration process leaving you with nothing but fresh hair and skin as if you had showered in the rain!  





So...obviously I'm a big fan of the T3 brand. I also love Bioionic, GHD, and Babyliss. I feel like these are all great quality tools and I've personally used them all in my salon. I hope this helps your styling questions! :) 






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