My all time favorite Amazon Purchases

I’m rounding up all of my favorite amazon purchases ever! From hair accessories to hair tools and my favorite travel purchases. Hair accessories are super trendy right now and I’ve bought all of the best ones! Everything linked below are items I have actually purchased, use and am not sponsored in any way! I am an amazon affiliate do get a credit if you purchase anything below from my site! Enjoy my favorites!

Hair Accessories

The versatile hair clips that you’ve seen me posting on insta! They come in so many different shapes & are such a cute way to add something extra to a simple hairstyle!

A perfect way to store all of your scrunchies, hair clips, or bobby pins with this stackable hair accessory organizer! 


The secret to setting your curls for longevity is with these duckbill clips! (Tutorial on this here!)


The ultimate jaw clip that holds up even the THICKEST of hair! Perfect for sectioning curls, blow drying & a great way to clip your hair up at night!

These “bunny” scrunchies are the best value! These are the scrunchies that have the ribbons on the ends & the ones I’ve been posting on instagram! You get 25 schruncies for $15!

The cutest twist bow wired hair scarfs! Perfect for braids or ponys!

hair scarfs.jpg

Love these neutral, boho headbands. They look cute with any outfit & are perfect those unwashed hair days & traveling! They would also be perfect for the beach, pool & protecting your hair from the sun!

Hair Tools

A perfect way to get volume around your face without using a curling iron are with these Hot Rollers (Tutorial on this here!)

hot rollers.jpg

My all time favorite curling iron, that helps elongate your curls & gives a perfect beach wave! All of my clients LOVE this curling iron & I use it everyday at home and in the salon!

curling iron.jpg

My favorite blow drier, that’s lightweight and helps speed up your blow dry! Its under $200!

t3 blow drier.jpg

Beauty Hacks

These wine wipes that are perfect for a wedding or event (I like to buy them in the closed packaging rather than the box because they dry out if not sealed!)

wine wipes.jpg

I use these razors to “shave” my face every couple weeks! It’s the perfect way to get off peach fuzz and a great alternative to derma-planning- I feel like these aren’t as abrasive as derma-planing so the hair doesn’t grow back as hash. I’ve actually derma-planned my face with a professional derma-planing tool & felt like these were a better alternative for me & a little more gentle. They didn’t take off as much hair which I liked & made it seem like a softer outgrowth.

shave your face

The perfect way to add some glow to the inner corner of your eyes or cheek bones! I love this NYX Shimmer Pigment

shimmer .jpg

This ultimate at home facial! This
facial steamer is seriously a game changer for my skincare routine and makes my skin SO glowy and fresh!



This Portable Charger that is a traveling game changer!


Stylish luggage that is big enough for the over packer like me. Super inexpensive and large!


The ONLY way to pack your jewelry when you travel! Its compact, lightweight and separates everything- so no tangles!


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