Fredericksburg, Texas Travel Guide

Hey y’all! We just got back from another fun weekend in Fredericksburg! I love going to Fredericksburg for a quick weekend getaway from Austin because it is always so relaxing and easy to get to! If you haven’t been to Fredericksburg in a while it is really growing like crazy! There are so many wineries, cute vacation rentals, and restaurants! I get so many questions about where we like to go, where we stay and what we do there! So I wanted to share our recommendations with you guys here!

Where to stay

We normally rent through a website called Absolute Charm. They have vacation rentals all over Fredericksburg and we have found their properties to really fit our wants and needs when traveling for a quick romantic getaway. Most of their properties have private hot tubs and fireplaces which is so fun and cozy. And their pricing is pretty affordable! Their rooms start at $80 a night and go up to $700. They are all in cute little private cottages which is so fun.

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We most recently stayed here at the Patio Sisters cottage and it was so cute! Try to stay in the room “ Claire” which is more private and in the corner of the property. It was also walking distance to main street which was awesome! All of their different properties are super cute & for sure recommend booking through Absolute Charm if you’re staying the weekend in Fredericksburg!

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Where to eat

Alright time for the FOOD! Ahh I love the food in this charming german town! My favorite is for sure Ottos, but here are some of my other favorites!

  • Ottos (German)

  • Mamacitas (Mexican)

  • Crossroads (Make a reservation!)

  • Navajo Grill- (Haven’t been yet but it’s supposed to be good!)

  • Vaudeville (best brunch)

  • Sunset Grill (also good for brunch!)

  • Auslander Restaurant (German)

  • Fredericksburg Brewing Company (German)

  • August E’s

Fredericksburg travel guide

Favorite Wineries

I looooveeee wine! It’s so fun to try different wines at the wineries in Fredericksburg! Here are the places we like and that we feel are worth going to. Some places we’ve tried have definitely been a waste of time. I’m not big on calling these places out publicly so feel free to reach out if you have a question. These are OUR personal favorites listed as you’re coming in from Austin:

  • 290 Wine Castle

  • Hye Meadow

  • Kuhlman Cellars

  • Pedernales Cellars

  • Hilmy Cellars

  • Becker Vineyards

  • 4.0 Cellars

  • Barons Creek Vineyards

Other things to do

Other than eating and drinking wine its super fun to just walk around the town and check out the different boutiques. One place we really like going to is Rustlin' Rob's Texas Gourmet Foods they have a TON of different spices, salsas, and hot sauces to try and it’s super fun to walk around the shop and taste everything!

Another fun activity is to dance the night away at Crossroads. There have live music and a dance floor and it really has the Texas hill country feel to it. You’ll for sure see some locals dancing in their cowboy boots and hats. Doesn’t get much more Texas than that.

We love just relaxing in our room and looking up a the Texas stars! In Austin we don’t really get to see many stars because of all the city lights so its super fun to just sit out in the hot tub under the Texas Sky.

Fredericksburg travel
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