How to throw the perfect Austin bachelorette party!

Austin Bachelorette: #FarewellToFeezel

Hey guys! The wedding is coming up so quick and I just had the BEST bachelorette party ever! I've teamed up with @shopstagandhen to fill you guys in on what we did and how to plan the perfect weekend! Make sure to go to to purchase all the essential bachelorette party needs like we did below and also for more cute bachelorette party ideas! You can also read about my bachelorette party weekend there too!  


When it came time for me to celebrate my final fling, I decided to ditch the now typical destination weekend and stay in my hometown of Austin! By skipping a flight or road-trip, the girls and I were able to not only save some money but also really relax by avoiding the stresses that comes with traveling. We rented an amazing house in South Austin with a pool, enjoyed a fancy dinner out and hit the bars downtown for drinks and scavenger hunt. Oh and did I mention the private twerking class?! Read on for all the details! 


We got matching bride squad hats for a pool day at our bachelorette party pad in South Austin. 

The Weekend Itinerary
What We Did

We had the perfect mix of downtime by the pool and partying on Austin's famous sixth street! The weekend kicked off with a twerking class at the house (um, amazing!) followed by a pool day on Saturday and bachelorette party scavenger hunt at the bars Saturday night. 

• Check into the house and decorate! 
• Welcome party with drinks, snacks and a Chick-Fil-A nugget tray
• Private twerking class by @twerkoutaustin (AMAZING)
• Drinks out on West Sixth Street at The RanchConcrete Cowboy and Green Light Social Club

• Breakfast at the house
• Pool day with party floats and mimosas
• Pre-party at the house and Quiz The Groom game (with a surprise video message from the groom!! omg cutest thing EVER guys)
• Dinner at Stella San Jac
•  Scavenger Hunt at the bars on Sixth Street (aka "dirty sixth") I did NOT want to do this at first, but it ended up being so fun! And probably the last time I will ever do it haha! 

• Breakfast and head home! 


Before heading to dinner at Stella San Jac in our little black dresses and coordinating sashes from Etsy.

The Bachelorette Pad
Where We Stayed

We found an amazing house with a pool AND a waterslide (a MUST for summertime in Texas) in South Austin. The modern-style townhouse was a perfect location for the weekend - just a 10 minute Uber to downtown and close to all the other famous spots South Austin has to offer like South Congress, Barton Springs and Zilker Park. 

3 bedroom, 3 bathroom VRBO
VRBO - Modern Resort Style Home with Pool



The Party Favors
How We Accessorized

It's not a bachelorette party without some bride tribe bling! We accessorized with a decorations and favors from EtsyStag & Hen and Target.

• Bride Squad Hats - Etsy (VowandVibe)
• Sahes - Etsy (LeRoseGifts) 
• Bachelorette Name-tag Pins - Stag & Hen
• Customized Cup Decals - Etsy (TheAbbyCo)
• Ring and Flamingo Pool Floats - Target
• Quiz The Groom Party Game - Stag & Hen
• Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt - Stag & Hen


We accessorized with sashes, hats, party pins and tons of adorable decorations from EtsyStag & Hen and Target

The Round Up
Where We Ate, Drank & Celebrated

Finding great restaurants and a place to stay can be tough! Here's a round up of some of the spots we recommend from my Austin bachelorette bash. 

•  House Rental - VRBO Modern Resort Style Home
•  Twerking Class - Twerk Out Austin
•  Dinner - Stella San Jac
•  Bar - The Ranch
•  Bar - Concrete Cowboy
•  Bar - Green Light Social Club

One of my favorite parts of the weekend? Snapping photos of our weekend old-school style with a Polaroid camera - such a fun idea! 



Want even more cute bach ideas?! Follow @shopstagandhen for bachelorette inspiration, giveaways, deals and MORE!

New Orleans Travel Guide

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities! I've been 3 times now and it just gets better every time. I love the old, southern charm and the food is to DIE for. I feel like it gets a bad rep because of the infamous (dirty) Bourbon Street...but thats just because you need to get OFF Bourbon! Okay, go to a couple bars to say you did it if it's your first time and then follow this guide for all the best restaurants, bars, and things to do! 


Favorite Bars

Pirates Alley Cafe-
This is my FAVORITE bar in New Orleans! It is a tiny little bar, where they make absinthe right in front of you (I don't like strong drinks and I actually enjoy these!) AND! The bartenders are dressed in character in old pirate outfits. It's like taking a step back in time! 


Carousel Bar at the Monteleone-
This is a must do! Try to get there early in the day to get a seat at the bar!


Pat Obreins Bourbon St-
A cute bar on Bourbon that isn't trashy! You're welcome :) 


Lafittes Blacksmith Bar/Shop-
This is the oldest bar in the US built in 1722! Again, this bar is like taking a step back in time! The vibe is a little more modern that I would have liked for a bar like this- they were playing Justin Bieber, haha. BUT still so cool! 

The Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel-
A cute hotel bar named after the worlds first mixed cocktail, the sazerac, originating in new orleans. 


Any bar on Frenchman Street to watch live Music! 
This is the place to be for nightlife! SOO much better (and cleaner) than Bourbon Street. You can't really go wrong with any of the bars here!  

Favorite Restaurants 

Commanders Palace- A tourist spot and a little expensive but SOOO good. The best meal I've ever had. OMG take me back. 


Cafe Du Monde for Dessert- Obvi

Revolution- Another AMAZING meal! Ask to take a tour of the Kitchen!


Broussards Jazz Brunch


Things to do other than eat and drink!

Harrahs Casino

Get a Tarot Card Reading

Take a Plantation Tour (I've never done this but have always wanted to!)

Walk along Bourbon Street During the Day and watch the street Performers, or play with a parrot!

Take a Haunted Ghost Bar Tour! We did this and they took us to all the bars mentioned above and a couple more! It was a fun and different activity and they gave us a lot of history along the way!



We stayed at the Omni in the French Quarter and for sure recommend it! It was a great location and it also had a rooftop pool! 



Top 5 questions from real salon clients!

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A from real salon clients! These are REAL questions from REAL clients in the salon. Enjoy!

My hair is pretty long right now and just doesn't hold a curl well. I have tried high and low end curling irons/wands and they always fall. Any tips on how to make my curls last?

A. One thing you can do is prep your hair with a texture spray before curling. I love the UNITE TEXTURIZA! This will add some "grip" to the hair before you curl it so the curls don't slip right out.

Always leave your curling iron on the hair until its too hot to touch and don't brush your curls out until the end. Spray hairspray on each section as you go and don't take too big of sections! You should have your hair sectioned in about 3-4 clips and they should be about 1 inch in width as you go. Finish with another spray of hairspray and then comb through! Then finish with the texture spray to break up the curls for more of an effortless look! 


Why can't my hair get blonder?!

A: Because of damage. That is 90% the reason why I won't take someone's hair blonder each time they come in. I usually tell my clients when I think it isn't safe to go blonder with their hair. This photo below is the harsh truth of being super super blonde. While it is scary, it's true guys!! And I'm here to be honest and let you know the facts. THIS is why I can be super conservative and a little neurotic when it comes to going too blonde. I don't want my clients to have hair like this, and I know they don't either. SO with that being said, being blonde is wonderful!! I highly encourage it ;) BUT safely, slowly, conservatively, and ONLY if your hair can handle it! Have patence and trust your stylist! 


What is a good shampoo and conditioner for blondes? 

My Favorites are:
Virtue Recovery
Unite U Luxury
Living Proof Restore

What is your thoughts on the products by Monat? I bought some but not as impressed as I thought I should be. I am not going to lie I am cheap when it comes to hair products ( I usually use Blonde by John Frieda) Is there any good over the counter shampoos you would recommend or is it an absolute must to buy the salon shampoos? 

A: I have heard mixed reviews about the Monat and have not personally used it. I do believe salon products are the best for your hair- especially if your blonde. I'm a believer in you get what you pay for. The shampoos we talked about above^^ range from $24-40. If anything just try to use this "special shampoo" once a week to make it last longer if salon quality shampoos aren't in your budget! Thats better than not using it at all! You could also try a professional shampoo that is less expensive. Pureology is a good option. 

 How do I cut down on the frizzz!!!??

A. A couple ways! The way and tools you use to style your hair can help set you up with no frizz from the beginning. Blow dry and flat iron correctly to prevent it! Using a good blowdrier helps too! I like the T3, because I feel like this blow dry reallyyy helps with frizz. Using products like oils, and frizz reducers before blowdrying can help as well! 

Q: How do you prevent hair breakage? My hair has been super dry this winter (first time experiencing this) and my hair keeps breaking. Do you have any products that you use daily? My stylist recommended one but she always tries to sell me something. Despite the awesome color and cuts, it makes me a little skeptical. 

A. First, I promise your stylist isn't just trying to sell you something. As stylists we genuinely believe in good products for healthy hair! My favorite product regimen for breakage is a reconstructing shampoo/conditioner (like the ones listed above) Using a deep conditioner like the living proof restore,  a leave in conditioner- LOVE the 7seconds leave in conditioner from unite, and a heat protectant on dry hair, like the 7seconds glossing spray! 

I also love the Virtue split end mender for when it's dry to help seal split ends! This won't do much long term, but it helps hide breakage on the spot! 


Hope you guys enjoyed some real questions salon questions from clients! Comment below with yours! 

My Wedding Beauty Plan

With the wedding fast approaching my beauty routine is in full effect! I wanted to share my beauty plan with you guys! This is a great plan for anyone getting married or getting ready for a special event! I'm sure you can use this plan even if you're not preparing for an event! 

I've broken it down into my Hair Plan, Skin Care Plan, and my General Beauty Plan for you guys! Enjoy :) 


Start your hair color journey and find your colorist as soon as possible even if you are wanting a big change or not! Sometimes it takes several visits to get to your desired color, and it could take a few appointments to get your color just right! You want to make sure you start early and your hair color is where you want it to be! You'll also want your color on point for all your events and pictures! So the sooner the better! Have your final hair appointment 1-2 weeks before the wedding so you have time for any adjustments if needed! 

Start growing out your hair if you're wanting it long for the big day! Depending on your hair type try to get trims every 3-4 months. 

Invest in good products so you can get your hair as healthy and shiny as possible! I love the Virtue Repair System which has keratin and helps repair damage. And Start Deep Conditioning on the regular! 1-2 times a week for 10 minutes or more is best! 


Now is a great time to try out extensions! I recommend getting extensions about 2 months before the wedding so you will still have a fresh set of extensions for the big day, but still have time to get used to them. Tape in extensions are a great option. A less permanent option that works GREAT for weddings is The Original Halo Piece which can be taken on and off whenever you'd like! Even if your hair is long extensions are awesome because it adds SO much volume, makes your hair look thicker and fuller and also holds a curl very well! 


Have your hair trial and find your wedding hair artist! I recommend scheduling your hair and makeup trial on the day you do engagement pictures or bridals so  you can see how it lasts and looks in pictures! I also did mine about 5 months early so I had time to have another trial if I wanted to try a different look with my hair. 

If you're in Austin, I HIGHLY recommend Lola Beauty! That's who did my hair below, and who I am using for my hair and makeup! 

French Macarons (1).png

Meet with your dermatologist and address any skin care concerns! I wanted to start a plan to brighten my skin and get rid of my dark spots so I started using a retinol and skin brightener! Give yourself about 6 months so you can get use to the products and give yourself time for it to take affect. This is also a good time to start a good daily and nighttime skincare routine! 

Start botox or other injectables if you want to! 6 months is a good time to start this! I do botox on my forehead, around my smile lines, and also lip injections for fuller lips. I see Dana Kirk-PA who is now at Rejuvenate Austin. 

Find an airbrush tanning pro and get your color right for the big day! DO NOT try airbrush tanning for the first time right before the wedding or big event!   

One thing that has been AMAZING for that wedding day glow are HYDRAFACIALS! I have been getting them regularly by Jennifer at Blonde Faith every 6 weeks or so and it literally makes my skin GLOW. You can even do this 2 days before the wedding! There is no downtime at al!! Follow Jennifer on instagram @browmewowme (she also does microblading!!!!) or call 512-467-4717 to book an appointment with her. Mention this post for a discount! 


Lash extensions are a great option for fuller lashes and low maintenance eye makeup! I am starting my lash extensions about a month before the wedding, so I have time for one fill 2 days before the big day! That way I get used to them and don't try something new right before such an important event. One big reason I'm doing lash extensions is for the honeymoon! It really helps save time on makeup each day so it will be nice to not have to worry about it during the trip! 

If you're in Austin go to PINK LADY LASH!!!! They're the best in Austin. I'll show y'all my before and after in September!! 

Start teeth whitening! I'm working with Smile Brilliant and starting my teeth whitening this month! Stay tuned for a discount code and before and afters! 

I started a gym routine about 6 months before the wedding! There's nothing like a wedding to get you in good shape! But I've really been enjoying it. I hired a person trainer for about a month when I first started working out because I had no idea what I was doing at the gym. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Now I can go to the gym with a routine and actually know what to do!! I try to work out about 4 days a week with cardio at least 3 out of the 4 days. 

Other than that I drink lots of water (or try to), do yoga regularly, and get plenty of sleep! Trying to do things that are good for your body, stress, and well being will help with your overall appearance and happiness! 


Hope you guys enjoyed my beauty tips for the wedding! 109 days to go!!! 










Answers to all your haircare questions

Hair Care Q&A 

Hey guys! I'm super excited to share this post! I've teamed up with my client @jenniferxlauren and she asked me some important questions about haircare for you guys! Enjoy!



For growing out your hair the best thing to do is not cut it! I personally don’t believe the old myth about trimming your ends every 6 weeks to help it grow. Your hair grows about 1/2 inch a month, so if your cutting it every 6 weeks or so you’re hair isn’t having enough time in between appointments to grow. I recommend going at least 3 months in between appointments unless your hair is super super fine – in that case I would try to go between 8-10 weeks and have your stylist only trim 1/4 inch or so at a time. If your hair is super healthy and thick or in great condition try to go as long as possible between hair cuts! Talk with your stylist and see what she recommends.

 Using good products and taking multivitamins is another great way to help your hair grow. Using a professional shampoo and conditioner (I like the Virtue Recovery, which adds strength and keratin to damaged hair) I would also use a leave in conditioner (I like the 7Seconds from Unite, which is a heat protectant as well), and always use a deep conditioner. I LOVE the Living Proof Restore Mask. Keeping your hair healthy by using good products and not using too much heat is the best way to help with hair growth, because healthy hair is happy hair!


A few tricks for getting volume in your hair include using a volumizer on your hair when wet, before you blow dry. And then using a product like the Unite Texturiza when dry to add extra body (it is like teasing your hair in a can, one of my favorite products). When blowdrying your hair, try flipping your head upside down, or blowdrying your hair in opposite directions from how in naturally lays. The key is to “over direct” your hair to get more lift. You can also try using hot rollers too! I have several clients who do this as an easy alternative for volume.



Biotin + Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E! Also maintaining a healthy lifestyle and drinking lots of water and eating protein.


Product wise I would recommend the Virtue Split End Mender. I LOVE this product for sealing split ends on the hair when it’s dry. Also using a good shampoo + deep conditioner etc to help keep the hair healthy. There is also a cutting technique called the “invisible haircut” which involves cutting only on the surface on the hair strand, removing no length. It’s a great option for removing split ends and no length! Ask your stylist about this technique.


For Frizz I love using oils, like the Unite U Oil. Using this on wet hair and then again on dry hair is great trick for frizz!


Here is my favorite weekly product routine for the best hair possible – Once a week use a clarifying shampoo. I love the Weekender by Unite. This gets rid of build up and hard water minerals. After the clarifying shampoo I recommend a purple shampoo, and this helps get rid of yellow tones and brightens up the color (good for Brunettes too). For a good purple shampoo I highly recommend the Blonda by Unite. I do this combination once a week. On the other days use a shampoo and conditioner with moisture or protein. Once a week (or more) I recommend a deep conditioner, and always use a leave in conditioner and heat protectant. This is my favorite routine for healthy hair!


Everyone is different! I personally wash my hair about 2 times a week. I have clients that wash their hair everyday, but could honestly go every 2 days if they just gave it a chance. I also have some clients that only shampoo once a week. Dry shampoo does wonders. I LOVE the PHD dry shampoo from Living Proof! I think a good number would be 2-3 times a week. For someone with really fine hair that gets extra oily maybe every other day.


I think it is good to switch it up! I personally keep these ones in my shower:

1) The Weekender Clarifying Shampoo

2) Blonda Purple Shampoo

3) A shampoo and conditioner for damage (adds protein)

4) A shampoo and conditioner for moisture

I alternate between the protein based combo and the moisturizing combo, because everyones hair needs both. So yes, I guess I have about 6 shampoos in my shower and think it is best to switch it up!



For color clients are still loving the low maintenance lifestyle of balayage and baby lights. I have so many clients transitioning from heavy traditional highlights to more of their natural colors with a few highlights to break up the outgrowth. Color clients are looking for more depth, and dimension and embracing more of their natural color or doing root shadows with pops of blonde around the face like I do on Jennifer below. For haircuts clients are still loving the long bob, and the shag is also coming back!


  1. Use a lightweight hair dryer so its not too heavy for you to hold. Investing in a blow dryer like a T3 Featherweight is a great option! It helps with frizz and a quicker blowout.
  2. Find the correct size round brush. Your round brush should be as wide as your shortest layer, it should wrap around the brush with the end fitting perfectly underneath.
  3. Get about 80% of the moisture out of your before blow drying with a round brush. Go in opposite directions or hold your head upside down to get volume!
  4. Dry your hair in sections that are not too big – 1/2 inch in width is a good rule of thumb!
  5. Finish with the right products like a split end mender for frizz, a shine spray, etc.



Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to follow @jenniferxlauren and comment below with any other questions/blog posts you'd love to see!! 


Engagement Photo Tips+Our Amazing Austin Vendors

OMG you guys, Natalie Ebaugh Photography did our engagement pictures and she seriously KILLED it! We are beyond thrilled with how they turned out, and not to mention she got them back to us in just a few days! She also does Boudior photos, which are equally as amazing! (mention my blog for $100 off your session) 


I wanted to share some tips with you guys about how to have an awesome engagement photoshoot! If you're on the fence about taking them, I would for sure reccomend it!!! We had such a good time and are using them for our wedding decor, save the dates and around the house. It's also good practice to connect with your photographer prior to the wedding and also helps you with your nerves in front of the camera!

Also in this post:

IMG_9078 BW.jpg
  • Check with your photographer to see if an engagement shoot is included in your photography package! Booking just an engagement shoot could be a good way to test out a photographer you're wanting to book with!
  • Try to take them at your venue or somewhere similar that would tie in the theme of your wedding. 
  • Go on pinterest and find images you love and then share them with your photographer! 
  • Try to be candid- laugh, spin, and have fun. Your photographer should be able to help with this and lead the shoot. Candid photos are something that is very important to me, especially during a wedding! 


  • Try to wear your makeup similar to how you're wanting it for your wedding. I did my own makeup and tried to do my best application that I could! If you're not skilled in this area, try to book with a stylist for makeup! (also a good way to test out a look or stylist for the big day!) 
  • Don't worry too much about making your hair perfect or wedding day ready. A soft blowout or loose waves should be perfect. 
  • Wear fake lashes! AND don't forget the self tanner/spray tan!
  • Find a cute dress and try to coordinate your outfits but keep in mind you don't have to match! I got my dress from Lulus here! > Lovley Light Pink Dress
  • Try to stick to solid colors and avoid patterns, I personally usually stick to neutrals and soft colors for things like this to avoid looking too flashy. 
  • Make a day of it! Celebrate- and don't forget the champagne before (or during) the shoot! 



Our engagement pictures were soooo much fun. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing our tips and photos! Here's a few more from our shoot!




I wanted to pop in and share our AMAZING team of wedding vendors so far! I feel SO SO SO lucky to have been given to opportunity to work with these amazingly talented wedding vendors, so I had to share with you all! 

Day of Coordinator- Vanna- Blue Sparrow Events

Ok so Vanna is more like god-sent wedding angel who has been way more than a "day of coordinator so far" Lets just say our wedding is 9 months away and she has already been by my side pretty much every other day, and helped me with ideas I hadn't even thought of...(and I only hired her like a week ago). If you have it in your budget to hire Vanna for a planner-do it! I wish we had it in our budget to hire her full time! So far she's been amazing for our "day of" so I can only IMAGINE if we hired her for the entire planning package! I know she is going to be AMAZING during our wedding day and help everything go smoothly. 

Photographer- Honey Gem Photography + Natalie Ebaugh Photography

I mean...their work speaks for itself. I seriously think I have the most amazing girls to capture my wedding photos. Follow Brooke with Honey Gem Creative on instagram and get ready to be AMAZED. And you guys have already seen what Natalie Ebaugh is capable of... AH. SO EXCITED. 

Videographer- Paperbird Films

I am SO excited to work with our videographer!! His work looks so amazing, check it out!!! :) 

Florist- Kelli Rogers- Sweetwater Stems

Kelli has been one of my clients for 6 years!! I saw her before she became the amazing wedding florist..and by amazing I mean like literally best in Austin, just won best of Not to brag, but my flowers are going to be seriously a dream. Check out Kellis photos on instagram or on her portfolio above! She has some amazing ideas for our vineyard themed fall wedding. I can't wait to share with you guys. 

Hair and Makeup- Lola Beauty

So obviously this one is important to every girl, but especially a hairstylist. I knew I had to book the best here. And Lola is THE BEST. Wedding hair and makeup is no joke and these girls are going to kill it! Even being a hairstylist, and probably capable of doing my makeup and hair on my own/having a little more knowledge in this area than some.. I knew i didn't want that stress the day of my wedding, and wanted to leave it to someone who specializes in wedding hair and makeup! Their pricing also includes a hair and make up trial!  

While I'm recommending Lola- be sure to check out their Photo booth Partner- We just Click ATX!
Their pricing is super reasonable- AND Lola Brides get 10% off. OH and did I mention they have white marble backdrops for your photo booth? Go ahead and thank me now :) 

Bridal Shop- Serendipity Bridal!

I had an amazing experience at Serendipity! Can't recommend them enough! I never felt rushed, and always felt like Kayte was being honest and using her professional recommendation when it came to my figure and dress choices. They range in pricing, but I am on a pretty tight budget and found my dream dress here! 



Wedding Planning on a budget: Months 1-2!

As most of you know, we got engaged on October 6th 2017. We were in San Diego visiting for a trip and went to Point Loma to the Sunset Cliffs, which is where Eric Proposed. It was so special, romantic and beautiful, the best day of my life. 

We initially wanted to do a destination wedding to save money, but later realized getting married outside of the U.S. was just as expensive if not more than getting married here...with no control. 

I was not one of those girls who had her whole dream wedding in mind since I was little. I didn't have a wedding pinterest board started. I didn't know any venues in Austin, dress styles I liked or even really thought about how I wanted my wedding to be before. I certainly knew I would marry Eric, and dreamed of our wedding day and all that it would be, and just marrying him. But I never thought about where, how, when or what. So everything was kind of an overload at first! Now that we're a couple months into planning, I would say I'm getting to be quite the little wedding planner! ;) 

We are trying to plan our wedding as inexpensive as possible but still our dream wedding. I've found a few little hacks along the way to help you guys out! 

One amazing purchase I made right off the bat was The Knots Wedding Planner Notebook! 
I love the knots website for organizing but I love everything laid out in front of me without a computer. I have been printing off every contact to keep in the notebook, color inspiration, and even photos. Its like the wedding planning bible. You can get it by clicking the link below

1. Start thinking before getting engaged!
Okay, so don't start planning your whole wedding before getting engaged, but do start thinking about what you're envisioning for your day. Do you want a garden wedding? A ranch? Destination? Church? Vineyard? Romantic? Modern? These are all things you need to know before shopping for venues, and thats one thing I really struggled with when deciding on a venue! I had NO idea what type of wedding I wanted! I knew we wanted the ceremony and reception outside, but didn't know our theme! Theres nothing wrong with thinking and doing a little research in planning out what your dream vision is! I wish I would have had a set vision and been able to look at only outdoor garden weddings before researching literally every single venue in Austin. (if you need any tips let me know haha)

 It was a lot of fun looking at venues, but also really overwhelming because we never really left one feeing like it was "the one" until... The Vineyards at Chappel Lodge! I always said, a vineyard wedding would be cool because we love wine but didn't even know there was something like this so close to Austin! Also after looking at couple venues I loved the idea of getting married under a big oak tree and my heart was set on that! But.. it would have been awesome to just only look at venues like that from day one! However, we did learn a lot about what we liked and did and didn't want each time we saw a venue. 



2. Don't plan anything until you decide on your venue! BUT FIRST: SET A BUDGET AND GUEST LIST! 
You need to set up your budget and guest list before venue searching! You should always try to stay at 50% of your budget with the venue and catering. So before even looking at a venue thats out of your budget, narrow down how much you can spend and how many people you will be inviting! 

Some tips for venue shopping on a budget: 
*Look at as many venues as you can and ask a ton of questions
*Ask for a discount if you pay in full
*Look for venues you don't need to do a lot of decorating for
*Try to get married on any day but Saturday to save money
*Ask if there are any hidden fees- if you need to put down a security deposit, pay for security, insurance etc. 
*Try to book a venue that you can hire all of your own vendors for! It saves money to hire outside catering and bring your own alcohol! 
*Make sure you like both the inside and outside of the venue-and you're okay with the rain plan

3. Book your photographer and plan an engagement session! 
Start looking for photographers AFTER choosing your venue! For me this was my number one vendor. Photos will last a lifetime! Wait to book your engagement session until you hire your photographer, because most photography packages come with an engagement session! It is also good practice to get to know your photographer! We are working with Honey Gem Creative, and Natalie Ebaugh Photography!

Heres a sneak peak at our engagement pics done by Natalie Ebaugh Photography


4. Start your bridesmaids gifts
This part was SO fun!

In my boxes I had:
-A bridesmaid proposal Card (from etsy)
-My favorite photo of us
-A hair tie  (from etsy)
-Bath Bomb (amazon)
-Personalized wine glass (from Etsy)
-The cute boxes were from Michaels!

A little advice I learned along the way: 
 I knew who my bridesmaids would be right away, so I started ordering random things on Etsy when we thought we were doing a destination wedding. I ordered some luggage tags, and sunglasses for the beach theme when we thought it was a destination wedding. (Which I later ended trying to return.) So, make sure you know your venue before asking! This way you can have your venues theme tie in with the bridesmaid proposal gifts! I ended up making these super cute gift boxes. I got mostly everything from Etsy and Michaels! 

I "proposed" to three of my bridesmaids while we went dress shopping! It was so special. funny is it that ALL six of my bridesmaids are blonde...hehe 


5. Start Dress shopping! 
Once you have your venue, and bridesmaids picked, its time for dress shopping!
A little tip for dress shopping: Try to wear jewelry, your hair how you envision it, and wear your makeup! That way you get a good idea of how you will look on your big day! 


 I started with 2 places in Austin to check out. Serendipity Bridal and Melagne. Serendipity was AMAZING! I highly recommend this beautiful bridal boutique. I even ended up getting my dress for 15% off on Black Friday! WIN!
ALSO! Skip buying a belt and veil at the store and check out etsy! My belt was almost $500 at the store and I found a ton on etsy for less than $100

 Try to only set up 2-3 bridal appointments at a time. I scheduled appointments for these 2 places, 3 others later in the month and a couple in Chicago for late December. I ended up finding my dress and having to cancel all the others. Just take it one or two dress shops at a time! Chances are you will not need to look at too many places, it might get overwhelming. 

Overall yes, wedding planning has been stressful. BUT I've been having so much fun with it! Try to enjoy the planning process, it's probably the only time in your life you will be planning such a meaningful, exciting event. 



What to ask your stylist for to get the color you want: BLONDE EDITION

Ever sit in your stylists chair and have no idea how to describe what you want? You and your stylist are trying to come to a solution and you feel like a deer in headlights? I've had clients show me pictures of golden highlights when they're saying the want ashy tones, and request a balayage when showing me pictures of a double process platinum blonde. Don't feel bad because it actually happens all the time, and it's not your job to know how to request the right technique.

This is going to be the first of 3 posts, so follow along to learn about the proper terminology and how to get what you want out of your hair color service! This first post is going to be all about BLONDES! All of the terminology I will be talking about below will be based on blondes who are already a level 9 or lighter (being as close to the lightest blonde as possible is the best way to achieve these requests). This post is meant to help you understand and be on the same page as your stylist, not to go into the salon and tell them you want a level 10 ash violet blonde glaze with level 7 lowlights weaved every 3 foil and then root shadowed for 5 get the point. :)


One thing to keep in mind about all the photos below is that every hair color looks different even though sometimes the exact same tones, formulas and techniques are used. Everyones hair is different, reacts differently and has had a different hair history, yeileding different results for each person. 


If you like blondes that have icy, gray, ashy, or pearl tones to them, that means you prefer a cool toned blonde. If your skin tone has more pink, blue or red undertones cooler blondes will look best on you! When asking for a "cool" toned blonde, tell your stylist that you like your color to be more on the ashier side. This type of color usually takes a few visits to achieve even if starting out blonde, because you have to eliminate all warmth from the hair. 

To achieve cooler toned results I do heavy highlights, bring the hair to a level 10 blonde with no remaining pigment or warmth. After the highlights are rinsed I tend to use a toner such a level 10 ash. This type of color is usually somewhat damaging to the hair because you are taking your natural color as light as possible.  

All of the posts below are "ash blonde"

  To achieve this pearl blonde color: ask for heavy highlights, and a toner with natural ash base. 

To achieve this pearl blonde color: ask for heavy highlights, and a toner with natural ash base. 

  Slightly more ashy than the 1st color, for this type of result: ask for highlights with a ash toner. 

Slightly more ashy than the 1st color, for this type of result: ask for highlights with a ash toner. 

  Even ashier than both photos above. This client has level 7 ash lowlights with heavy highlights. To acheive this tone: ask your stylist to over compensate and make your color as ashy as possible, almost on the grey side. 

Even ashier than both photos above. This client has level 7 ash lowlights with heavy highlights. To acheive this tone: ask your stylist to over compensate and make your color as ashy as possible, almost on the grey side. 


First, I want to say that warm blondes do not have to mean brassy. I feel like so many clients are afraid of asking for a warmer toned blonde because of bad experiences or fear of having the unwanted yellow, orange hair color. Golden toned blondes can be very beautiful and also appear brighter, and shinier than ashy blondes. If you are drawn to buttery, honey, golden or bronze tones, you like warm blondes! This color works well with gold, peach or yellow skin tones.

If you're nervous about having a warmer toned blonde, ask your stylist to ease into it. Start with a more neutral color, having neither ash or warm based tones, this is right in the middle. Then I would add just a dab of gold mixed in. You can add more of the gold each time. One tip is to use purple shampoo once a week or every other week with warmer blondes to prevent the color from looking too brassy!

Here are some examples of "warm" blondes. Again starting from the least warm, to most warm. :

  A perfect example of a creamy buttery blonde. This color is right in the middle of warm and cool, yet still not super golden. For this color: I did highlights, bringing them to a level 10 but not white. Then glazed her with a level 10 natural blonde. I added a little ash to prevent the color from looking too brassy long term. 

A perfect example of a creamy buttery blonde. This color is right in the middle of warm and cool, yet still not super golden. For this color: I did highlights, bringing them to a level 10 but not white. Then glazed her with a level 10 natural blonde. I added a little ash to prevent the color from looking too brassy long term. 

  This beautiful lady has a slightly more golden tone than the previous color. We do highlights with lowlights of a level 8 brown gold. And I glaze her with a level 10 gold toner!

This beautiful lady has a slightly more golden tone than the previous color. We do highlights with lowlights of a level 8 brown gold. And I glaze her with a level 10 gold toner!

  This clients hair is definitely a lot more golden! She almost has a strawberry tint to it. We do a ton of lowlights to create different tones, of a level 7 gold, with a few highlights. I then glaze her with a level 10 "brown" gold! 

This clients hair is definitely a lot more golden! She almost has a strawberry tint to it. We do a ton of lowlights to create different tones, of a level 7 gold, with a few highlights. I then glaze her with a level 10 "brown" gold! 


Neutral blondes are right in the middle of cool and warm. I like to think of neutral with beige, creamy, or wheat tones. This is the perfect way get a balance of cooler and warm tones! You could also try adding lowlights of a neutral color if you're currently platinum or light blonde. That way you get a mixture of tones, which is a great way to ease into a new shade of color! 

Here are some examples of neutral blondes: 

  This client has a neutral tone, with highlights and lowlights! She has a variation of tones with pops of brighter blonde, and lowlights of a level 7. Her overall glaze was a level 10 ash to prevent unwanted warmth from her previous color. 

This client has a neutral tone, with highlights and lowlights! She has a variation of tones with pops of brighter blonde, and lowlights of a level 7. Her overall glaze was a level 10 ash to prevent unwanted warmth from her previous color. 

  This is a great example of a light neutral blonde! This color has beige tones, and was created with highlights and then glazed all over with a level 9 neutral blonde! 

This is a great example of a light neutral blonde! This color has beige tones, and was created with highlights and then glazed all over with a level 9 neutral blonde! 


Honestly, double process blondes are not my favorite. This involves lightening the hair all over...on the scalp with bleach, no foils. This type of color is as blonde as blonde can be. Bleach is applied directly to the scalp which I believe is damaging, and gives the illusion of one color, leaving none of your natural color. This usually has a harsh line of demarcation when it grows out and rarely looks natural. Personally, I don't believe this is the best type of blonde to request because of damage.

IF this is your desired color, make sure your hair is in the most healthy condition and be prepared for breakage with time.. especially around the hairline. Plan on being in the salon every 4 weeks, spending at least $150+ Make sure your stylist is not overlapping bleach. I would recommend to use cotton between each section to keep the color from overlapping. Double process platinum blonde works well with fair skin and light features. However, sometimes other skin tones can pull this off. Think Kim Kardashian when she went platinum blonde. 

I personally do not perform this service, because of the risk of damage. To request a healthier version of this look: ask your stylist to do very very heavy highlights trying to eliminate most of your natural color in between foils and then glaze with an ash based toner. This will most likely take a few visits. 

This color was done with heavy highlights, little dimension left, and an violet based ash glaze. 




A base break or high lift blonde is similar to a double process blonde however rather than using bleach, hair color is used to "break" up the natural color left between highlights.

A base break is more gentle on the hair than a double process done with bleach, but still doesn't provide a natural outgrowth. This process involves highlighting the hair, processing, rinsing out the highlights, towel drying the hair and then applying hair color at the root for a few minutes to further lighten the hairs that didn't get highlighted in a foil. Sometimes this exposes unwanted warmth, because hair color can not lighten the hair as much as using bleach can. This again, is not my favorite process because harsh outgrowth, however I do have a few clients that request this service!

You might like a base break/highlift color if you're a fan of a double process blonde, or don't like to see ANY of your natural color after getting highlights. This color would be good for you only if your natural color is a level 7 or lighter. I personally would not do a base break on anyone darker than that wanting to be blonde to avoid exposing unwanted warmth in the hair. 

Heres an example of a client who gets a highlift blonde vs. a client who gets highlights and has dimension left at the root from her natural color: 


Take a look at her root, she does not have any of her natural color, you can see that every piece of hair was lightened. Her natural color is a level 8 and we lighten her with a level 12 ash violet highlift blonde. She gets highlights every 3rd appointment. A beautiful example of a highlift color that is still looks natural and healthy!


This client is also a natural level 8, we just do highlights all over, and you can see the different variations in tones at the root. No highlift color or base break.


Babylights are a newer trend that I'm a big fan of! A good way to imagine babylights is to think of a young girls hair. Mostly their natural color, with those perfectly placed natural looking highlights around the face, and brighter towards the ends. This is a good technique for you if you like your natural color, and just want a few sun-kissed highlights or baby fine highlights all over. Babylights are done by weaving very fine ribbons of highlights all over, and placing brighter pieces around the hairline and ends of the hair like the hair has been kissed by the sun. I normally do a root shadow (which we will talk about later) and leave out brighter pieces around the face and ends. This allows for a very natural looking color with a low maintenance outgrowth.

  Before and After of babylights! You can see the fine ribbons of highlights, and still quite a bit of the natural color while still keeping the light blonde ends. 

Before and After of babylights! You can see the fine ribbons of highlights, and still quite a bit of the natural color while still keeping the light blonde ends. 

  And another example of babylights. The before photo is a 7 month outgrowth of babylights, and the after was just done with very fine highlights placed all over! 

And another example of babylights. The before photo is a 7 month outgrowth of babylights, and the after was just done with very fine highlights placed all over! 

  A darker example of babylights, but a good example lighteness around the face and ends while keeping your natural color at the base. You could even add a few more ribbons of highlights toward the root for a blonder effect.  

A darker example of babylights, but a good example lighteness around the face and ends while keeping your natural color at the base. You could even add a few more ribbons of highlights toward the root for a blonder effect. 


Dimension is always one thing I think clients have a hard time describing. They know their hair is lacking something, but don't know what it is. This is good for someone wanting to see more variations in color. Dimension is good for you if you like to see contrast, or different colors of blonde in your hair. Or if you don't like your hair to be one solid color. I recommend keeping the shades within 3-4 levels of each other to keep it looking natural. 

SO many clients are afraid of asking for lowlights because they've had bad experiences with chunky stripes, or the lowlights turn brassy with time. Lowlights do not mean that you're going to have the Kelly Clarkson early 2000 hair color. My little secret for lowlights are always always using an ash lowlight (unless requested otherwise) and never pulling the lowlight all the way through to the ends.

To get the looks below ask your stylist for a multi-dimensional blonde, with 1-2 colors for a lowlight, and low lighting every third or fourth foil. These are different variations of blonde and all done with highlights and lowlights! 


A full highlight involves starting the highlights at the nape of the neck all the way around the the front of your head. A partial is starting at the crown of your head to the front. Full vs Partial highlights have nothing to do with how blonde your hair is, rather how consistent your color is from underneath to the top. If you feel like the underneath of your hair is dull, or dark you probably need a full highlight. A partial can be done every other or every 3rd time once the color is to your liking. 

Below are examples of clients who prefer partial highlights: you can see how the color is more dimensional underneath. 

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

The client below had been paying for a "FULL" highlight with her old stylist, clearly still very dark underneath. The right is after a full highlight with me. 



A root shadow is another trending service right now and one of my favorites! This technique can be as light or as dark as you want and involves highlighting the hair all over, and then tapping down or shadowing the root with a darker color to soften the highlights at the root. Pieces of blonde are ALWAYS left out around the face and hairline to keep those pops of brightness around the face!

All of the clients below have different shades, and levels of root shadows! Some are more dramatic than others. To transition to a technique like this ask your stylist to start conservatively adding darker shades each time. I usually start this transition by adding lowlights just brought down about 4 inches from the root, and then doing a root shadow at the shampoo bowl.


If your one of those blondies that just loves the look of a traditional highlight. Just ask for that! No root shadows, no base breaks, just a good old fashion highlight to the root, finished with a glaze, and toned to your preference. Heres what to look for when getting those highlights perfect-o. 

  • Tight foils
  • Brighteness around the face
  • Highlights covered around the hairline 
  • Highlights placed all the way to the root
  • A seamless blend of natural looking color
  • The correct tone, not too warm not to cool


A toner or glaze is used to create every look we've talked about. It's used for creating cool, warm or neutral tones. Used when doing a root shadow, and also helps prevent the hair from getting brassy in between appointments. Think of a toner/glaze as a top coat for your hair. It adds softness and shine, while sealing the cuticle. 


Questions to ask yourself & your stylist before going blonder

Can my hair handle it? And if so are you okay with having drier hair and some possible damage?
This is the number one deciding factor of going blonder with your hair. If your stylist says your hair can't handle going blonder. LISTEN TO THEM. I have seriously refused to do services because of damage, and it's in the clients best interest! If you have severe breakage and feel that your hair is currently damaged, I wouldn't recommend going lighter. I don't want to be responsible for your damaged hair, and certainly don't want to make it worse. So, trust your stylist if she says it's not in your best interest to go blonder...they're doing you a favor I promise. 

However, I'm not saying no one can ever go blonde! I do have some clients who come in with  healthy hair, and going blonde in this scenario is fine. If you and your stylist do decide your hair can handle going blonder, plan on having somewhat drier hair, during the process and still possible damage with time. Anytime your lightening from the root, to the ends of your hair, especially over and over again (which is what has to be done with going blonder), it is damaging to your hair. SO, once your to the desired shade of blonde, make sure your stylist is ONLY touching up the regrowth of your hair! This will be the point when your hair won't be as damaged, since the regrowth is the healthiest part of your hair, and untouched with previous color! YAY!

Check out these safe blonding transformations:

Are you aware it might take time to get to your desired end result?
Another huge question to ask yourself. Going Blonde is a process for some clients! Taking your hair lighter in one visit is sometimes not achievable because of damage, or because your current color is starting so dark. Sometimes you see pictures of blonde transformations on Instagram from pages like Olaplex or Guy Tang, but what clients don't realize is that most of those transformations are an all day process. 
Celebrity Stylist Guy Tang for example schedules about 1-2 clients a day, if it is a big transformation like going from brunette to blonde, he'll schedule the client for 8 hours, costing easily $1,000+  So, while yes you can transform your hair in one visit, plan accordingly with your stylist and schedule more than a 2 hour appointment, and expect to pay for an entire days worth of time. 

^^ #TRUTH ^^


Are you willing to invest in the maintenance of having blonde hair? 
While going blonder you'll need to come in around every 6-8 weeks during the process. Once your color is as blonde as desired, plan on coming in to get your hair colored anywhere from 6-12 weeks. The longer you go, I would recommend coming in for a glaze halfway between your appointment to help prevent any yellow tones. 

Are you planning to invest in high quality shampoo and conditioners?
Don't even plan on being blonde while using drugstore shampoo. First, why invest so much time and money in your hair and then use $5 shampoo on it? Secondly, blonde hair is the most fragile, and driest hair of all. You have to plan on taking care of it like crazy!!


-A high quality shampoo and conditioner
-A deep conditioner every week
-A leave in conditioner every time your hair is wet
-Oils for moisture
-Heat protectants every time you style
Here are my favorites: 


Will you be religiously using a purple shampoo? 
Purple shampoo is a must for anyone blonde! I use the Blonda Purple Shampoo from Unite once a week for about 30 seconds. This helps prevent brassy tones, and brightens your blonde. I've used soooo many different purple shampoos and this one is for sure my favorite one out there! 

Are you able to lay off the heat daily? 
When your blonde is is important to try and only use heat when needed! Try only blowdrying your hair twice a week. Curl it 4 days a week and wear it up or do a light touch up with the curling iron on the others. It's not good for anyone to blow dry and flat iron/curl your hair every day, but especially blondes! 


The bottom line is, only go blonder, or start the blonding journey if you and your stylist decide its in the best interest of your hair! Healthy hair is happy hair!! 





The Ultimate Travel Guide for Tulum, Mexico

Hey guys! I'm SO excited to share my amazing experience in Tulum with y'all! If you haven't heard of or been to Tulum I highly recommend this beautiful jungle, beach escape for your next vacation. I'll be sharing some essentials that I brought, where we ate, my favorite beach clubs, where to take the best photos, what to wear, how to deal with your beach hair and what to do while you're there! 

Tulum is about 2 hours south from Cancun Airport. Tulum beach is beautifully authentic and untouched by modernized development like most of Cancun. It is separated by one small road, with the hotel zone on the beach side, and the jungle with bars, restaurants, and shops on the other. We had very little to no cell phone reception while we were there, which is exactly what we were looking for in a unwinding vacation to paradise. We felt very safe over the entire visit, and everyone we met was extremely friendly and helpful. 


Since Tulum is about 2 hours from the airport we were somewhat torn on how to get to our hotel. You can take a bus for very cheap, but it does stop along the way for other drop offs, so it would take a little longer to get to our destination. I'm sure this option is inexpensive and safe from what I've heard and read.

 We decided to rent a private driver from Cancun Airport Transfers so we could get to our destination fast and not deal airport crowds. Our driver was right outside waiting for us ready to go and he had a couple Coronas ready for us for the ride! For the way back home he came right to our hotel to pick us up and dropped us off at the airport at the exact time we wanted to arrive. I'm definitely glad we went with this service, it only ended up costing about $200 round trip, which I felt like was totally worth if for the convenience.

We also thought about renting a car ourselves but I was nervous about driving 2 hours in Mexico never being there before and hearing stories from other people about bad experiences. After making the drive with our driver, I think this would have also been a good option because the road to Tulum was literally a straight shot and a pretty simple drive. I'm glad we didn't do this though, because we ended up renting a moped through our hotel for the entire trip for only $30 a day, which made parking in and around Tulum SO much it was so much more fun! :)


My fav is Elta MD!

Need this If you plan on visiting the cenotes!

Use this & Bring it with you at night! We forgot to put it on our last night there and it was the ONLY night we got bit up! 

My Swell definitely came in handy at night since our room didn't have a fridge or cold water, we usually just got cold water from the hotel to refill in our swell, which stayed cold all day and night

Obviously when you're a the beach you get salty, sweaty and sticky. This came in handy for sure before spontaneous meals along the beach

I didn't even bring my purse for this trip and brought this super cute backpack for the plane ride and beach days, I used my cross body at night for my phone and money


Touristy I know, but I mean look at all the cute pics we got!

We found this Pelican Marine case on Amazon and totally came in handy for the cenotes, and beach pics!

OMG totally came in handy after a day in the sun and Mosquito bites!

I brought 3 hats because I'm an over packer and i just wore this one the whole time, no need to bring more if you're trying to pack light! I got this hat from express, I can't find it online anymore but click here for a similar one! 

I just brought this one below from Buckle, which came in handy for sure! I wore it every day, but I did wish I had brought another to alternate with. Towards the end of the trip this one was pretty salty! 


I liked alternating out my bathing suits every day while the other one was drying out. You can never have too many bathing suits! 

I wore jeans on the airplane because I get cold, but other than that I mainly wore my bathing suit and beach coverup during the day and wore my dresses, rompers or off the shoulder tops for dinner at night. I brought one lightweight sweater, I wore it once and probably could have lived without it, but I'm glad I brought it along! 
Heres some outfits I wore during the trip! 

If anyone overpacks makeup and hair tools for a vacation, its me. But in Tulum the restaurants are so dark at night you don't need much makeup, also most of the town is without electricity, making it hard to put makeup on in your room before you leave at night. It was nice taking a break from the everyday life of getting ready for an hour, embracing the laid back lifestyle of Tulum and not doing my hair and makeup everyday.

I also didn't use a blow drier, flat iron, or curling iron one time. With all the sand and salt water there was no reason to spend time blowdrying my hair. My hair is curly, frizzy, terrible in humidity AND I have extensions! I was so worried my hair would look like a mess! 
Heres what I did for my beauty routine: 

During the day: 
Rewet my hair with a TON of 7seconds leave in conditioner and my U-OIL, scrunched it to get a little wave, and put it in a braid, two braids or a top knot. I found that the sea salt from the ocean and shower dried it out enough to help with frizz. 
For makeup I put on a little mascara and my Elta MD tinted sunscreen and thats it! 

At night: 
Rinse my hair with conditioner if I didn't wash it, and repeat the above. I wore it in 2 braids most of the time I was there. 
For makeup I put on my RAE Climate control foundation (amazing for humidity) a little bronzer, a little eyeshadow from one of my naked palettes and Mascara! 

We stayed at Rosa Del Viento and absolutely loved it! I would definitely stay here again. Our hotel was literally the very last hotel along the hotel strip, about an hour walk or a 10 minute drive up to the main part of the beach. We had a beach front, ocean view room and was absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend this hotel. 

Amazing and friendly hotel staff
Clean, safe and beautiful resort
Free breakfast for hotel guests
Location- Being so far from the main hotel zone meant there was plenty of open beach chairs, no crowds, and basically a private beach
Location- This wasn't really a con for us, but I'm sure to some people it would be if you wanted to be within walking distance to the other resorts and restaurants. We rented a moped to get around which I would highly recommend
Food- The food and drinks were just okay compared to other resorts but this also wasn't really a big deal to us since we explored other restaurants and beach clubs anyway. 

 My absolute favorite beach club. You MUST go here...that honeymoon suite is on the bucket list ✔
(All of the photos below were taken at Azulik! There is also no access to any other hotels here, so the only people here are hotel guests or visitors. You must spend $40 for access to their beach)

The most picturesque beach club with swings aligning the beach! Try to make it there at sunset! 

Ziggys has GREAT service and is also super cute at night! They have comfy chairs and a little fire pit close to the beach. 

We went to Nomade on our last night and wished we had gone during the day! This place was a yogi's paradise


We loved this place so much we went there twice! We got the Quesadillas, Grilled Avocado and the Ribeye with Salsa Verde and Garlic...both times ;)  Order Kisses in the Car to drink...SOO good! (Ask for it a little spicy) 

Make a reservation wayyy in advance to reserve a spot! Most popular restaurant in Tulum! 

We went here a couple times for lunch as well! They have great drinks, and awesome tacos! 

Brunch was great! Never made it for dinner, but it is a popular spot for dinner as well. 

Get here a little early for dinner, around 6-7. We couldn't get in after 7:00 while we were there, and they don't take reservations!

Feels like you are eating in the middle of the jungle! An awesome environment but we chose to just get a couple drinks and enjoy the scenery

Best place we went for Brunch and also the BEST fish tacos I've ever had! 


Literally just lay on the beach during the day, in a hammock, on a beach bed, or in a big beach pillow. The best thing about Tulum is how quiet and relaxing it is. So just find some time to lay out by the ocean waves and unwind. 


Explore the beach clubs during the day and explore the jungle restaurants and shops at night! 

Feel like a local and take some Mezcal shots with Erik at GAVIOTA

Go to a Cenote
We went to Grand Cenote which is probably the most popular Cenote in Tulum, it was a really cool experience! We had planned on going to a couple Cenotes while we were there, but seeing one was enough for us. Also...the water is FREEZING! Wear a one piece if you can :) 

Check out the City of Tulum
We like to explore, so we drove our moped to the downtown part of Tulum on the way to Grand Cenote, it was fun to see the authentic shops and very authentic restaurants away from the hotel zone. We didn't eat anywhere, but there are a few very authentic hidden gems here. I would ask your hotel concierge for recommendations.

Go to the Ruins
We didn't do this on this trip, lots of crowds and it would be an all day event but if thats your thing. its definitely worth checking out!

Drive a moped down the jungle road or go on a jungle tour! 

And last but not least...the most important thing I learned in Tulum


I hope you guys enjoyed this in depth guide to Tulum! If you have anymore questions feel free to leave a comment below and to see more of my adventures follow me on instagram @hairbyallyfeezel!







Best Hot Tools by Price

Hey guys! I get so many questions about styling tools so I decided to do a little research and round up the best styling tools out there for yall! I have each category listed by 3 different price points, for any budget. You can click the photo for the direct link to buy. Hope this helps! 

Blow Dryers: 

I think investing in a good quality blow dryer is one of the most important tools, especially if you have extra thick, frizzy hair. Investing in an "above average" blow dryer will help speed up your blow dry time, and smooth your hair which is totally worth it!

Babyliss Pro ($139) 
This is an awesome deal because it comes with the 1" flat iron too! The babyliss blow drier helps with static and closes the cuticle for smooth, shiny results. It also has 6 heat/speed settings! This is for sure the best deal I've found for an inexpensive, yet good quality blow dryer.


T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i ($250)
Next up is the beautiful T3 blow dryer! T3 is getting a lot of hype on social media..I mean who wouldn't want this gorgeous white, rose gold blow drier?! They claim its "healthier than air drying" But what is so great about this dryer other than its beauty?  The combination of T3 Tourmaline® SoftAire™ technology, (responsible for quick, healthy drying,) and an ion generator for its frizz-reducing, gloss-boosting power, results in the quick, frizz free blowouts. 


Dyson Supersonic ($399)
And...the Dyson! Did you know it took engineers over 4 years to make this dryer? $399 is not cheap for a blow dryer, but heres why its so worth it...This blow dyer has intelligent heat control technology, which helps prevent heat damage. The temperature is measured 20 times a second and transmits this data to the microprocessor, which intelligently controls the patented compact heating element from reaching extreme, hair damaging temperatures. The powerful tool moves over 13 liters of air every second. Combined with Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier™ technology, air is amplified threefold, creating a high pressure, focused jet of air for controlled, precise, drying and styling. The digital motor V9 is on average six times faster, a third of the weight, and half the size of other hair dryer motors. Due to its compact size, Dyson was able to put the motor in the handle, making the dryer feel balanced in your hands. my opinion, I would say its totally worth the investment if you have hair thats hard to manage, or extra damaged...but if you have fine, thinner strands, I would go with the less expensive option.

Flat Irons:

GHD 1" ($119)
How cute is this periwinkle flat iron?! My favorite thing about it is that it has a built in "sleep mode" that turns the iron off on 30 minutes if not used. I'm always guilty of leaving my flat iron on! It has rounded edges, perfect for flat iron curls and always leaves my hair smooth and shiny! It's now 40% off for a limited time! 

T3 Single Pass Lux ($180)
The T3 flat iron has digital "single pass" technology, delivering consistent heat without overexposure..all in one single pass! The ceramic plates give shine and smoothness, and it has a heat setting from 260°F – 410°F! 


Unite Pro Systems Flat Iron ($250)
I LOVE my Unite flat iron! It's my favorite for flat iron curls. This is what we use all day at Blonde Faith and it creates smooth, long lasting curls! 



Curling Irons: 
These are honestly the best 2 curling irons I've used, so I'm just keeping this list to 2 instead of 3 :) 
Bioionic Curling Iron 1" ($130)
I love my Bioionic curling iron! It has Bioceramic heaters for longer lasting curls and waves. I feel like it keeps my hair shiny without damage, and has different heat settings, plus a 1 hour automatic shut off! (P.S. I found this curling iron on overstock for $99)  Click the photo for the overstock link. When buying this iron make sure it always comes with the long clip. 


T3 Twirl Convertable 1.25" ($180)
The best thing about this curling iron is that it has interchangeable barrels sold for $85 each... so if you like to play around with different curls this is your best option! It comes with 5 different heat settings and an auto shut off. I personally use the T3 1.25" and never really feel the need to switch out the barrels. But you can buy the wand, clipless barrels in 1'-1.5", as well as different sized clip barrels. 



1" Hot Tools Flipperless Curling Wand ($40)
Hot tools always makes affordable, easy to use products that seem to last for years. 

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron ($50)
Babyliss is another great quality, yet inexpensive tool brand. The Nano titanium plates keep your hair smooth and shiny! 


T3 Whirl Converteble ($185)
And...of course! The T3 wand. T3 is an amazing high quality brand, that delivers beautiful results. I added this one because although the price is much higher than the other 2 irons, you are able to interchange the barrels for different size curls. You can buy the whirl trio (4 barrels for $270)

Water Filters: 

I know this technically isn't a hot tool...but I wanted to add this one in just for fun :) 

The T3 Source In-Line ($70)
T3 helps with Hair Health and Beauty Benefits
(when compared to using tap water):
49% Reduction in frizz
22% Increase in body
36% Increase in comb-ability
31% Increase in shine

Rain Drop Luxe by 901 Salon ($120)
Distributed from my favorite salon in Cali, 901, Raindrops™ purifies the water in a 6 step filtration process leaving you with nothing but fresh hair and skin as if you had showered in the rain!  





So...obviously I'm a big fan of the T3 brand. I also love Bioionic, GHD, and Babyliss. I feel like these are all great quality tools and I've personally used them all in my salon. I hope this helps your styling questions! :) 






Why I get Botox in my 20's

When I turned 25, I went through somewhat of a "quarter life crisis." It was the first Birthday I wasn't super excited about and it was the first time I felt like I was "getting older." After I turned 25 I not only changed and matured a lot as a woman, I also changed a lot about my skin care and beauty routine. This is when I regularly started seeing an esthetician for facials, getting peels, taking multivitamins, using sunscreen daily, stopped using tanning beds (which I should have done a long time ago I know) started using quality skincare products...and it was also the first time I got Botox

Some of you might read this and think getting botox at the age of 25 is crazy...but is it really? While I don't have profound wrinkle lines, I did have very defined lines when I would raise my eyebrows, or squint my eyes. But thats not the only reason I did it. My amazing P-A Dana Kirk and I like to think of it as, Preventative Botox- injecting botox into areas before wrinkles form. This means, when I'm 30,40,50, and 60 I won't be needing more invasive procedures...because I already got a head start. Yay me! Therefore, by starting earlier I can prevent it from ever happening in the first place. 

Since we brought on Dana to Blonde Faith Salon, I have been receiving lots of questions from clients (between the ages of 22-60+) about botox. So, I did some research and decided to partner up with the amazing Dana Kirk, to answer all of those questions you guys have! 

My First Procedure
I was SO nervous. My hands were sweaty, my heart was beating out of my chest, I kept wondering  if anyone would notice? Would it hurt? What if it looked bad? Can I undo it? Will I look frozen?What are the side effects? Will I keep having to get it done?

Dana made me feel calm, relaxed, and confident with her warm and soothing personality. She analyzed my face, and kept a conservative approach in mind as she does with most clients. The first thing she noticed was my "angry 11's" (or resting bitch face) and the second was my defined lines on my forehead when I would raise my eyebrows. We did a small amount of injections the first time I had it done, about 4 in-between my eyebrows and 6 in my forehead. This would cost about $10 a unit, so $100. 


Did it hurt?- After the first injection, I was like...oh that was it!? It didn't hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting. It felt like a small pinch, or an ant bite. My forehead didn't hurt much at all, in-between my eyebrows hurt a little more, but it wasn't unbearable. Now after having it done several times, it doesn't hurt at all, I actually look forward to it :) The weirdest thing to me is feeling/hearing a slight "crunch" when she injects my upper forehead area, since my skin is thiner there, but it doesn't hurt. Sometimes I have slight bruising around my temple area, but it's nothing I can't cover up with makeup. 

Did anyone notice? No one would have ever known that I had Botox. skin looks smooth and clear, my resting bitch face is no longer a problem, and my eyebrows now have that perfect arch. I wouldn't say anyone noticed my actual botox procedure, you just look and feel better after! 

Is it something I have to keep up with? Since my first time getting Botox about 7 months ago, I've had it done about 4-5 times, the first coupe times we added a little more than I did previously...but still not going overboard. Now I just get touch ups. I normally do my forehead, above my brows, in-between my eyebrows and I recently started doing Botox in my upper lip. (More on this later) 

I have probably gotten Botox done more than most people would need to at my age, but that's only because I have access to Mrs. Dana everyday... As a typical client in your mid twenties, you could plan on seeing Dana every 3-4 months for touch ups. 

What is the cost? Minimal injections like mine start at $80 and go up to $200, this would be about 8-20 units. This is for a very conservative approach usually for younger clients just starting. *Botox is not one of those things you should try to find a good deal for*

Will I notice immediately? No. However, Dana says, the younger the skin the quicker you'll notice it kicking in. But It usually takes anywhere from 2 days to a week to notice. 

Everything I love about Botox:

It made it almost impossible for me to scrunch up my forehead/brows - therefore preventing the wrinkles from forming, and also helping me not to frown so much! 

It helped with my headaches and migraines!- I used to get headaches almost daily. Now, I get a headache maybe twice a month, if that. 

My Skin looks clear, smooth and shiny. 

My eyebrows have more of an arch and look more lifted

Recently my favorite is botox in my upper lip. 
-I always hated that when I smiled my upper lip curled under instead of out. I had always thought about doing subtle lip injections, or fillers to get a little bit of an extra plump...but I was nervous. Dana suggested we start with a little bit of botox in my upper lip to help raise it! It was a great start for me, and I loved it. I noticed a difference, but it definitely left me wanting more. The upper lip hurt more than any other injection, but was still bearable. After trying botox in my lips, I was ready to try lip fillers! I wanted it to still look natural, and not too noticeable. So there I was, giving it a try! This was MUCH more painful than anything else we've done. But...%150 worth it. I'm literally obsessed. My lips look slightly fuller, and that upper lip under curl is gone!

 My Lip filler before and after! 

My Lip filler before and after! 

While I'm not advocating anyone to start getting botox when they're "too young", it is definitely something I am glad I started doing. As long as you are going to the right PA, and staying conservative with your injections. I don't see any harm in starting Botox in your mid twenties! 


If you have any other questions about botox. fillers or any other medical esthetics that we offer at Blonde Faith comment below, or give us a call at 512-467-4717! (Mention this post for 10% off!)


Everything you've wondered about getting tape in Extensions

I just recently got Hair Talk tape in extensions and I'm seriously obsessed. Not only does my hair look longer, thicker and healthier, but I feel so much better about myself, and my hair! One thing I was nervous about was feeling them in my hair, and I was so surprised that as soon as they were in, I did't even notice them! I can wear my hair up, half up, in a pony tail, braided, and pretty much anything I could do before. If you've been considering getting extensions I would highly recommend tape ins! 

These are the top questions I get about extensions answered for you guys: 

How long do they last?
 8 to 10 weeks depending on hair growth. This is recommended to eliminate matting, frizzing and tangling, and ensures the extension is always fresh and close to the scalp. The hair itself should last between 6-12 months depending on how often you are re-taping and how well you take care of them.

How much do they cost?
Most clients need between 3-5 packs of hair. Pricing varies by length, tape, amount and type of extensions purchased. Anywhere from $450-900. The initial application is $150-$250, and for the removal/re-tape appointments it is $250. These prices include a cut. You need your extensions re-taped between 6-10 weeks depending on your hair growth, and hair color routine. 

Are they damaging? 
Hairtalk uses non damaging, hypoallergenic adhesive bands. I personally think the tape ins are the least damaging type of extensions you can do. I have also been using less heat on my hair, because the extension hair is so easy to style and lasts a few days! I usually just blow dry my hair on the first day, braid it, and it looks good for a few days! I just add a few curls to the ends every now and then. But I've defintly been using less heat than I did before extensions so I feel like that itself is helping my natural hair become healthier! 

Where does the hair come from? 
Hairtalk extensions are 100% human hair, meaning the cuticle is intact and the hair is placed with the cuticle all facing the same directions. This benefits no matting or tangling. You can also blow dry, flat iron, and curl the hair just like your normal hair! You just want to avoid heat where the tape is placed. 

What kind of products can be used on the hair?
Heavy conditioners are not recommended to be applied near the scale, or adhesive bands. Make sure to focus on the mid shaft and ends of the hair only. Rinse longer than usual, in sections to ensure there is no product left near the scalp. Avoid products containing alcohol, oil or ethanol.  

Can you color your hair with extensions?
our extensions need to be removed before applying color to them. So normal hair appointments are between 6-8 weeks, the extensions need to be taken out at this time, the color needs to be applied and then the extensions can be put back in! The extensions normally take about 30-45 minutes to apply and about 15 minutes to remove. So really you just need to add about an extra hour to your normal color appointment!

How are they removed? 
The extensions are removed by applying a solvent to the tape, and pulling it apart. Its super quick, painless and easy. 

Can I still exercise? 
Hair tangles when dirt and sweat build up so hair must be worn up or in a ponytail when exercising or relaxing in a sauna. Be sure to wash hair after working out, as well as brushing before and after exercising.

Can they fall out? 
It is normal to loose an extension if you get conditioner on your scalp, or if it's close to the time of your re-taping appointment. I've only lost one while brushing my hair, after getting conditioner on the tape in the shower :( oops! But no, they won't just fall out while walking down the street or going about a daily routine. 

The lengths vary from:
10 -12

^^^^Check on MY before and after!!^^^^

-Do not go to bed with wet hair or let the extensions dry naturally. You want to make sure to at least get the tape dry
-Do not get conditioner on the tape, only put conditioner on the ends of your hair
-Avoid direct heat on the tape
-Avoid products with alcohol and sulfates
-Braid your hair at night to avoid matting and tangling
-Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after the extensions are applied 

Hairtalk also partners with "Friends are by your side" For every purchase you make they donate a portion to women who are battling cancer. 

If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to me at to set up a complimentary consultaion. At Blonde Faith Salon, I specialize in extensions, along with my coworker @hairbynw! You can ask for either of us to help you with your extension questions. :) 

How I help my clients get longevity between color appointments

Gone are the days where blondes are getting their highlights touched up every 4-6 weeks. Most of my clients are looking to stretch their color appointments out as far as possible! I have clients that can go every ten, twelve to fourteen weeks between visits, I even have some that only come two-three times a year! It's such a great feeling when my clients come sit in my chair after several months of seeing me, and they say, "I really didn't even feel like my color was growing out, it blended so nicely that I didn't even notice my roots growing out!" Sometimes we're even both in agreement that they probably could have stretched their appointment out even a few more weeks! But hey, who doesn't love a visit to the hair salon! ;) 


Ever since attending my first class with Nine Zero One salon, and then my second bootcamp class with them at their LA location this year, I've had a couple new tricks up my sleeve in order to prolong my clients appointments even further! If you guys haven't heard of these celebrity stylists at Nine Zero One, you need to check them out on insta! @riawnacapri @nikkilee901 @morganparks901 @tauni901, these girlies are seriously AMAZING and I am so lucky to have learned from them for 4 whole days in LA!! 

IMG_9033 copy.png

So...let me tell y'all how its done!

This technique basically incorporates strategically placed baby lights, then after the foils are taken out a "smudging" technique is done just at the root. This root smudge is done with a glaze, and basically softens the highlight lines you get from traditional highlights placed all the way to the root.

The glaze varies in tones, and colors and can be just slightly darker than your blonde, or as dark as your natural color! Of course, the closer the smudged root is to your natural color, the more longevity you will have between appointments. This rooty look is also great because is keeps all that blonde around your face and ends of your hair and just adds more depth at the root.

Check out this clients hair below! Her color was done in April 2016, this photo was taken 4 months AFTER her color was done and it still looks like it was done yesterday! I haven't seen her since April for her color, and she still says it looks effortless, 8 months later! 


Here are a few more examples! Be sure to follow me on instrgram and my blog for a special surprise about how I create these awesome curls seen below... coming soon! 



The best tips for growing out your hair

1. Cut it every 3 months, not every 6 weeks.
If your trying to grow out your hair, my opinion is to just let it grow! You don't want to be getting trims every 6-8 weeks, unless you know your stylist is only cutting off no more than a half inch. Your hair grows about a half inch a month, so if you are getting about a half inch cut off every 6 weeks, you're hair is most likely going to stay at the same length. Instead, I recommend getting a small trim about every 10-12 weeks. If your hair is very fine, have your stylist do a dry cut at 8-10 weeks so you don't end up with stringy ends that need a major trim after 12 weeks. 

2. Try to go longer in between color appointments
This rule mainly goes for highlights. Instead of getting highlights every 6 weeks, try to stretch it out longer if you can that way you're giving your hair some room to grow before coloring it again. Make sure your stylist is ONLY applying the lightener to the outgrowth, not the ends of your hair. 

3. Lay off the heat
As we all know, heat damages the hair. Try to go natural more often, or if thats not an option try to only use heat on your hair once or twice a week. I have naturally curly and frizzy hair that i NEVER wear I have to use heat! My typical routine for using the least amount of heat possible is:

Monday Night: Wash Hair before bed and use heat to blowdry straight, don't curl or flat iron until the morning
Tuesday-Add curls or flat iron and wear my hair down. Wednesday-Wear hair half up avoiding heat on the top of my head, only curling the bottom half
Thursday- Wear my hair in a cute updo, and then wash hair and repeat Monday's routine
Friday- Wear my hair straight or curled, down! 
Saturday-I either wear my hair straight or curled down/half up
Sunday-Messy Bun/Deep Conditioning Treatment! 

4. Invest in good products
If you haven't noticed from all of my other posts, products are essential to healthy hair. Use shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair and use a leave in conditioner, deep condition, heat protectant every day. My current favorite is the UNITE 7 Seconds line!

  • The 7SECONDS shampoo and conditioner gives your hair moisture, and shine while protecting it from UV rays and heat damage! The 7SECONDS Masque adds intense moisture, protects and strengthens and restores elasticity
  • They also have a leave in conditioner called 7SECONDS Detangler that is good for tangles, repairs, strengthens and protects the hair from heat. 
  • Their newest heat protectant, 7SECONDS glossing spray gives your hair shine and protects it from heat as well

The entire line is amazing for damaged, color treated hair to help restore, add shine, and moisture while protecting it from heat! You will for sure #fallinlovein7seconds

5. Take hair vitamins
I recently started taking SugarBearHair Vitamins and am definitely seeing a difference! I was surprised that my hair actually seems stronger, longer, thicker and healthier in less than a month of taking them! I'm obsessed with the results and it doesn't hurt that they taste like candy! They have lots of essential and effective ingredients in them that include Vitamins A,C,E,B-6,B-12,B-5 Biotin, Folic Acid, and Coconut Oil. Pretty much all the essential ingredients you need for healthy, stronger, longer hair! Click here to view a description of these vitamins and to learn how they help your hair grow.

The Newest Color Trend: Babylights

By now, we've all heard of ombre, balayage, and sombre. While these colors are still trending and beautiful, there's a new look that has been all the rage for quite some time now...Babylights!! 

 Amanda Hale Photography

Amanda Hale Photography

Babylights are strategic, finely placed highlights, mimicking the look of a babies hair, aka: natural, subtle and youthful. It creates the perfect, sun kissed result for any hair color! Ask your stylist to go a couple shades lighter than what you are now to get this look without a huge commitment. It also allows for longevity between appointments because you don't see the line of demarcation you get from traditional "heavier" placed highlights. 

Check out these beautiful before and afters! Alison had grown out her natural color, and had quite a bit of blonde left on the ends of the hair. To get this look, I did a full highlight, but wove each individual highlight much finer than I normally would with a traditional highlight. You can see the very fine shimmers of highlights in the above picture on the right, along with the perfectly placed face framing highlights. I was very strategic in where I would place each highlight, placing more blonde around the face, and making it brighter on the ends of the hair while still adding lightness throughout the entire head.

After highlighting, I applied two different customized glaze formulas, one at the root for a softened "shadow" effect that was slightly darker than her bright blonde ends. And then for the ends of the hair I used one my favorite ash glaze formulas. Each foil, highlight color, and glaze formula was customized to her skin tone, natural color, and existing color while keeping longevity in mind as our main concern. As you can see from the pictures below, Alison was able to achieve a much brighter look, while still placing finely placed shimmers of highlights throughout the entire head. 

Since the highlights were woven so finely and the glaze is slightly darker at the root, Alison will be able to go 10-12 weeks between appointments instead of 6-8 like a traditional highlighting technique would require, which is a huge plus for this busy blogging mom! 

Essentially any hair color can achieve this look! Blondes will want to stay bright, buttery and natural. For brunettes, ask for golden, beige or bronze ribbons of color. Darker shades will want to stay more "tone on tone' with warmer shades close to their existing color. Redheads should be coppery or golden to brighten up their look. You basically want to stay soft and natural within a couple levels of your natural color.

While this process sounds simple, it is actually very time consuming and requires an advanced stylist that knows their stuff! I typically book out more time for Babylights than I do with a traditional highlight or balayage service because it is so strategic and the sections are so much finer than normal. 

Here are some more examples of babylights! 



To see more of Alison's transformation be sure to check out her blog and follow her on instagram @alisonrebeccamartin