Welcome to Beauty and the Blonde! A lifestyle blog made by a successful hair stylist from Austin, Texas. I'm just a blonde, who loves hair, beauty, travel and most recently, weddings!   

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My wedding Beauty Plan

With the wedding fast approaching my beauty routine is in full effect! I wanted to share my beauty plan with you guys! This is a great plan for anyone getting married or getting ready for a special event! I'm sure you can use this plan even if you're not preparing for an event! 


How to Prevent Brassy Hair

No one likes Brass. I mean NO ONE. In fact, I think its every clients worst nightmare...especially if you're blonde obsessed like me. There's definitely a fine line between brassy tones, and beautiful golden, honey tones when it comes to hair color! But even the best, most beautifully executed color can still reveal warmth or brassiness several weeks after a hair appointment, sometimes it's just inevitable! I'm here to tell you how you can prevent those brassy tones...once and for all. 


The Truth about going Blonde

Going from Brunette to Blonde is not an easy process. A lot of clients think it can just be done in one visit, by putting one color all over the hair, simple as that...but that's not the case. It takes skill, patience, confidence, experience, a colorist who knows her stuff, and a client who is cool, calm and collected through the many stages of blonding. In this post we will talk about wheather you're the right candidate for becoming a blonde, how to get there, and how to keep it looking good afterwards.