How to get the best at home blowout

Step by Step Guide AND TIPS:

  • Start with towel dried hair

  • Use the Living Proof Repair Leave in for a silky, smooth finish while protecting your hair from damage!

  • Add the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment to add volume, shine, smoothness, strength, and moisture

  • Brush your hair after applying product with a Wet Brush!

  • Use this round brush and this blow dryer! (My Favorites)

  • The Round Brush size should be determined by the length of your hair. Extra long hair=extra large round brush. Medium hair (like mine) should use the size I did!

  • Start by getting your hair about 75% dry by using your fingers and the wet brush as needed for tension (my hair is naturally curly and frizzy, so I need more tension than someone with more straight hair!)

  • Using a CONCENTRATOR will help control the airflow and eliminate frizz! This comes with your blow dryer :)

  • Always keep the blow dryer nozzle pointed DOWN and go with the way your hair lays! Avoid creating frizz by blowdrying the nozzle upwards on the hair shaft.

  • Start around the hairline to perfect this area first before it dries! Work away from your face to add volume

  • Move to the bottom section keeping the nozzle down, and use tension from the round brush and blow dryer together.

  • Smooth out the root & then the ends

  • Take the air off the blowdryer at the end of your hair when its done, and continue to “curl” the end with the round brush with no heat

  • Take SMALL sections! Your sections should be the size/width of your brush.

  • Continue to work up the head until you reach the top section!

  • When you reach the very top, take small sections backwards, away from the face.

  • Finish with a flat iron as needed, for hair with more frizz-like mine!

Ally FeezelComment