The top 6 salon client questions!

Hey guys! Here are the answers to the TOP 6 most frequently asked salon questions! I hope you guys enjoy this video and comment below with any other questions! I’m answering these questions below the video as well in very short responses, so check out the video for the detailed answers!


Is it better to come to my color appointment with dirty hair or clean hair?

Are extensions damaging?
•All extensions can be damaging to your hair just like heat, and color can be damaging.

•It just depends on how well you take care of your hair

•I think the best extensions are the tape ins and the hand tied.

•The only extensions that have no damage at all is the halo piece.

•Most people who have extensions don’t have the most healthy hair to start with so a little bit of damage isn’t a huge deal for what the end result gives you.

•I have never seen severe damage from the methods we offer and in fact I feel like my hair has been healthier since I don’t use as much heat on it now!

Why does hair color cost what it does?

Pricing for color varies depending on so many different things-
•your stylists experience
•your amount of hair
•your hair history
•your starting color
•your desired color
•the steps taken to achieve your result
•the time taken on my schedule

What is the difference between balayage and baby lights?

Baby lights are very fine highlights breaking up your root! Usually face framing and breaking up your natural color. Balayage is mostly your natural color at the root with brighter pieces painted upwards but still allowing your root to show. Think of ombré but with pieces painted higher to break it up. Basically balayage is a technique meaning hand painted highlights. Usually all of my colors have a combination of baby lights and balayage

So many people try to pin point exactly what the photo is & really that’s not your job to figure out and can just be confusing. Don’t worry so much about what the technique is because for me most of my pictures you see are a combination of everything

Why can’t my hair get blonder?

Here is a link to my most popular blog post ever that answers this question in detail! The Truth about going blonde!

Can brunettes go lighter without having brassy/orange tones?

The short answer is yes & no! It depends on your starting color & your hair history! If your hair is able to lighten past a level 7- then your hair can lighten past the stage of warmth. Therefore you are able to eliminate warmth from your hair with a glaze. If your hair does not lighten past a level 6 then there is going to be underlying warmth. And this just depends on your hair and the history of it. There is no way around that. So you have to get your hair to at least a level 7+ to prevent warmth in a brunette! And sometimes it is not possible get to a level 8 in one visit. Again, depending on your starting color. Also, the link above “The truth about going blonde” is a great article that explains this as well. Here is a color chart guide for reference- that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has underlying pigments of warmth in their hair! You just have to be able to lighten it to the least amount of underlying warmth that is possible in order to prevent warmth. But even then, everyones hair does fade to yellow or warm eventually. There is no way around that as you can see below because that is what is underneath your hair! !


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