Top 5 questions from real salon clients!

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A from real salon clients! These are REAL questions from REAL clients in the salon. Enjoy!

My hair is pretty long right now and just doesn't hold a curl well. I have tried high and low end curling irons/wands and they always fall. Any tips on how to make my curls last?

A. One thing you can do is prep your hair with a texture spray before curling. I love the UNITE TEXTURIZA! This will add some "grip" to the hair before you curl it so the curls don't slip right out.

Always leave your curling iron on the hair until its too hot to touch and don't brush your curls out until the end. Spray hairspray on each section as you go and don't take too big of sections! You should have your hair sectioned in about 3-4 clips and they should be about 1 inch in width as you go. Finish with another spray of hairspray and then comb through! Then finish with the texture spray to break up the curls for more of an effortless look! 


Why can't my hair get blonder?!

A: Because of damage. That is 90% the reason why I won't take someone's hair blonder each time they come in. I usually tell my clients when I think it isn't safe to go blonder with their hair. This photo below is the harsh truth of being super super blonde. While it is scary, it's true guys!! And I'm here to be honest and let you know the facts. THIS is why I can be super conservative and a little neurotic when it comes to going too blonde. I don't want my clients to have hair like this, and I know they don't either. SO with that being said, being blonde is wonderful!! I highly encourage it ;) BUT safely, slowly, conservatively, and ONLY if your hair can handle it! Have patence and trust your stylist! 


What is a good shampoo and conditioner for blondes? 

My Favorites are:
Virtue Recovery
Unite U Luxury
Living Proof Restore

What is your thoughts on the products by Monat? I bought some but not as impressed as I thought I should be. I am not going to lie I am cheap when it comes to hair products ( I usually use Blonde by John Frieda) Is there any good over the counter shampoos you would recommend or is it an absolute must to buy the salon shampoos? 

A: I have heard mixed reviews about the Monat and have not personally used it. I do believe salon products are the best for your hair- especially if your blonde. I'm a believer in you get what you pay for. The shampoos we talked about above^^ range from $24-40. If anything just try to use this "special shampoo" once a week to make it last longer if salon quality shampoos aren't in your budget! Thats better than not using it at all! You could also try a professional shampoo that is less expensive. Pureology is a good option. 

 How do I cut down on the frizzz!!!??

A. A couple ways! The way and tools you use to style your hair can help set you up with no frizz from the beginning. Blow dry and flat iron correctly to prevent it! Using a good blowdrier helps too! I like the T3, because I feel like this blow dry reallyyy helps with frizz. Using products like oils, and frizz reducers before blowdrying can help as well! 

Q: How do you prevent hair breakage? My hair has been super dry this winter (first time experiencing this) and my hair keeps breaking. Do you have any products that you use daily? My stylist recommended one but she always tries to sell me something. Despite the awesome color and cuts, it makes me a little skeptical. 

A. First, I promise your stylist isn't just trying to sell you something. As stylists we genuinely believe in good products for healthy hair! My favorite product regimen for breakage is a reconstructing shampoo/conditioner (like the ones listed above) Using a deep conditioner like the living proof restore,  a leave in conditioner- LOVE the 7seconds leave in conditioner from unite, and a heat protectant on dry hair, like the 7seconds glossing spray! 

I also love the Virtue split end mender for when it's dry to help seal split ends! This won't do much long term, but it helps hide breakage on the spot! 


Hope you guys enjoyed some real questions salon questions from clients! Comment below with yours!