My Wedding Beauty Plan

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With the wedding fast approaching my beauty routine is in full effect! I wanted to share my beauty plan with you guys! This is a great plan for anyone getting married or getting ready for a special event! I'm sure you can use this plan even if you're not preparing for an event! 

I've broken it down into my Hair Plan, Skin Care Plan, and my General Beauty Plan for you guys! Enjoy :) 


Start your hair color journey and find your colorist as soon as possible even if you are wanting a big change or not! Sometimes it takes several visits to get to your desired color, and it could take a few appointments to get your color just right! You want to make sure you start early and your hair color is where you want it to be! You'll also want your color on point for all your events and pictures! So the sooner the better! Have your final hair appointment 1-2 weeks before the wedding so you have time for any adjustments if needed! 

Start growing out your hair if you're wanting it long for the big day! Depending on your hair type try to get trims every 3-4 months. 

Invest in good products so you can get your hair as healthy and shiny as possible! I love the Virtue Repair System which has keratin and helps repair damage. And Start Deep Conditioning on the regular! 1-2 times a week for 10 minutes or more is best! 


Now is a great time to try out extensions! I recommend getting extensions about 2 months before the wedding so you will still have a fresh set of extensions for the big day, but still have time to get used to them. Tape in extensions are a great option. A less permanent option that works GREAT for weddings is The Original Halo Piece which can be taken on and off whenever you'd like! Even if your hair is long extensions are awesome because it adds SO much volume, makes your hair look thicker and fuller and also holds a curl very well! 


Have your hair trial and find your wedding hair artist! I recommend scheduling your hair and makeup trial on the day you do engagement pictures or bridals so  you can see how it lasts and looks in pictures! I also did mine about 5 months early so I had time to have another trial if I wanted to try a different look with my hair. 

If you're in Austin, I HIGHLY recommend Lola Beauty! That's who did my hair below, and who I am using for my hair and makeup! 

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Meet with your dermatologist and address any skin care concerns! I wanted to start a plan to brighten my skin and get rid of my dark spots so I started using a retinol and skin brightener! Give yourself about 6 months so you can get use to the products and give yourself time for it to take affect. This is also a good time to start a good daily and nighttime skincare routine! 

Start botox or other injectables if you want to! 6 months is a good time to start this! I do botox on my forehead, around my smile lines, and also lip injections for fuller lips. I see Dana Kirk-PA who is now at Rejuvenate Austin. 

Find an airbrush tanning pro and get your color right for the big day! DO NOT try airbrush tanning for the first time right before the wedding or big event!   

One thing that has been AMAZING for that wedding day glow are HYDRAFACIALS! I have been getting them regularly by Jennifer at Blonde Faith every 6 weeks or so and it literally makes my skin GLOW. You can even do this 2 days before the wedding! There is no downtime at al!! Follow Jennifer on instagram @browmewowme (she also does microblading!!!!) or call 512-467-4717 to book an appointment with her. Mention this post for a discount! 


Lash extensions are a great option for fuller lashes and low maintenance eye makeup! I am starting my lash extensions about a month before the wedding, so I have time for one fill 2 days before the big day! That way I get used to them and don't try something new right before such an important event. One big reason I'm doing lash extensions is for the honeymoon! It really helps save time on makeup each day so it will be nice to not have to worry about it during the trip! 

If you're in Austin go to PINK LADY LASH!!!! They're the best in Austin. I'll show y'all my before and after in September!! 

Start teeth whitening! I'm working with Smile Brilliant and starting my teeth whitening this month! Stay tuned for a discount code and before and afters! 

I started a gym routine about 6 months before the wedding! There's nothing like a wedding to get you in good shape! But I've really been enjoying it. I hired a person trainer for about a month when I first started working out because I had no idea what I was doing at the gym. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Now I can go to the gym with a routine and actually know what to do!! I try to work out about 4 days a week with cardio at least 3 out of the 4 days. 

Other than that I drink lots of water (or try to), do yoga regularly, and get plenty of sleep! Trying to do things that are good for your body, stress, and well being will help with your overall appearance and happiness! 


Hope you guys enjoyed my beauty tips for the wedding! 109 days to go!!! 










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