The best tips for growing out your hair

1. Cut it every 3 months, not every 6 weeks.
If your trying to grow out your hair, my opinion is to just let it grow! You don't want to be getting trims every 6-8 weeks, unless you know your stylist is only cutting off no more than a half inch. Your hair grows about a half inch a month, so if you are getting about a half inch cut off every 6 weeks, you're hair is most likely going to stay at the same length. Instead, I recommend getting a small trim about every 10-12 weeks. If your hair is very fine, have your stylist do a dry cut at 8-10 weeks so you don't end up with stringy ends that need a major trim after 12 weeks. 

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2. Try to go longer in between color appointments
This rule mainly goes for highlights. Instead of getting highlights every 6 weeks, try to stretch it out longer if you can that way you're giving your hair some room to grow before coloring it again. Make sure your stylist is ONLY applying the lightener to the outgrowth, not the ends of your hair. 

3. Lay off the heat
As we all know, heat damages the hair. Try to go natural more often, or if thats not an option try to only use heat on your hair once or twice a week. I have naturally curly and frizzy hair that i NEVER wear I have to use heat! My typical routine for using the least amount of heat possible is:

Monday Night: Wash Hair before bed and use heat to blowdry straight, don't curl or flat iron until the morning
Tuesday-Add curls or flat iron and wear my hair down. Wednesday-Wear hair half up avoiding heat on the top of my head, only curling the bottom half
Thursday- Wear my hair in a cute updo, and then wash hair and repeat Monday's routine
Friday- Wear my hair straight or curled, down! 
Saturday-I either wear my hair straight or curled down/half up
Sunday-Messy Bun/Deep Conditioning Treatment! 

4. Invest in good products
If you haven't noticed from all of my other posts, products are essential to healthy hair. Use shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair and use a leave in conditioner, deep condition, heat protectant every day. My current favorite is the UNITE 7 Seconds line!

  • The 7SECONDS shampoo and conditioner gives your hair moisture, and shine while protecting it from UV rays and heat damage! The 7SECONDS Masque adds intense moisture, protects and strengthens and restores elasticity

  • They also have a leave in conditioner called 7SECONDS Detangler that is good for tangles, repairs, strengthens and protects the hair from heat.

  • Their newest heat protectant, 7SECONDS glossing spray gives your hair shine and protects it from heat as well

The entire line is amazing for damaged, color treated hair to help restore, add shine, and moisture while protecting it from heat! You will for sure #fallinlovein7seconds

5. Take hair vitamins
I recently started taking SugarBearHair Vitamins and am definitely seeing a difference! I was surprised that my hair actually seems stronger, longer, thicker and healthier in less than a month of taking them! I'm obsessed with the results and it doesn't hurt that they taste like candy! They have lots of essential and effective ingredients in them that include Vitamins A,C,E,B-6,B-12,B-5 Biotin, Folic Acid, and Coconut Oil. Pretty much all the essential ingredients you need for healthy, stronger, longer hair! Click here to view a description of these vitamins and to learn how they help your hair grow.

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