10 things your stylist should be doing during your appointment

1. Spending time during your consultation asking you what your expectations are with your hair and making sure you're both on the same page. 
If you're an existing client, checking in to see how your last visit was or how your color/cut worked out, or if you're looking for any changes with your color. 

2. Making you feel comfortable, asking if you want a magazine, anything to drink, talking you through what they are doing to achieve your desired result so that you feel at ease before getting started. 

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3. Glazing your hair if you're getting highlights. I've heard clients say several times, "I feel like a  toner is for when you mess up and need to fix a mistake" I couldn't disagree more. I glaze/tone 99% of my clients because it seals the cuticle, gives it shine, softens the blonde, gets rid of unwanted warmth, and the list goes on. A glaze or toner should be done with every highlighting service for a better end result. 

4. Writing your formula down. Every. Single. Time. I keep detailed notes about each color service so I can recreate the same look and stay consistent with my clients hair color. It amazes me that some stylists out there don't do this. 

5. Following up after your appointment if you had a major change, or are a new client. It's always good for your stylist to follow up with you regarding your service to make sure you're happy! It shows they genuinely care about you and value you as a client. 

6. Checking your haircut before you leave, or texturizing/dry cutting of some sort. Most haircuts should be double checked when dry, for length and movement. And in some cases it should be texturized or have excess weight taken out. 

7. Giving you a scalp massage. If you're not getting a scalp massage at your salon, it's time to find a new one. My assistants are trained for perfection on their shampoos, its one of the most important parts of a service to me. 

8.. Recommending products and explaining what they used to achieve or enhance your look at home. Your stylist isn't recommending products to you just to make a sale, or at least they shouldn't be. Products help my clients recreate their salon look at home, helps color last longer, and makes their hair healthier, its part of the service. 

9. Showing you how to style your hair at home during the blow dry, curling or flat iron. I like to give my clients a little lesson at the end of the service, or I will ask my assistant to show them how they're styling their hair. 

10. Trying to give you longevity. I loveee when my clients can go months, and months without having to come in and get their color done. When a client comes back after 5 months and their color has grown out nice, and doesn't look brassy, I know I've done something right. I find it important to get longevity out of hair color, by techniques like babylights, and using the right glazing formulas to cut out unwanted warmth. 


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