How I help my clients get longevity between color appointments

Gone are the days where blondes are getting their highlights touched up every 4-6 weeks. Most of my clients are looking to stretch their color appointments out as far as possible! I have clients that can go every ten, twelve to fourteen weeks between visits, I even have some that only come two-three times a year! It's such a great feeling when my clients come sit in my chair after several months of seeing me, and they say, "I really didn't even feel like my color was growing out, it blended so nicely that I didn't even notice my roots growing out!" Sometimes we're even both in agreement that they probably could have stretched their appointment out even a few more weeks! But hey, who doesn't love a visit to the hair salon! ;) 

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Ever since attending my first class with Nine Zero One salon, and then my second bootcamp class with them at their LA location this year, I've had a couple new tricks up my sleeve in order to prolong my clients appointments even further! If you guys haven't heard of these celebrity stylists at Nine Zero One, you need to check them out on insta! @riawnacapri @nikkilee901 @morganparks901 @tauni901, these girlies are seriously AMAZING and I am so lucky to have learned from them for 4 whole days in LA!! 

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So...let me tell y'all how its done!

This technique basically incorporates strategically placed baby lights, then after the foils are taken out a "smudging" technique is done just at the root. This root smudge is done with a glaze, and basically softens the highlight lines you get from traditional highlights placed all the way to the root.

The glaze varies in tones, and colors and can be just slightly darker than your blonde, or as dark as your natural color! Of course, the closer the smudged root is to your natural color, the more longevity you will have between appointments. This rooty look is also great because is keeps all that blonde around your face and ends of your hair and just adds more depth at the root.

Check out this clients hair below! Her color was done in April 2016, this photo was taken 4 months AFTER her color was done and it still looks like it was done yesterday! I haven't seen her since April for her color, and she still says it looks effortless, 8 months later! 


Here are a few more examples! Be sure to follow me on instrgram and my blog for a special surprise about how I create these awesome curls seen below... coming soon! 



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