How to Blow Dry Your Hair like a Stylist

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So, I had the pleasure of working with a very special client a couple weeks ago and taught her how to do her own blowout at home! For those of you who have ever tried to do your own blowout, you know it's not easy, and let me tell you, she did AMAZING! I was so impressed. But, after watching clients try to blowout their own hair, and listening to clients explain their difficulties, I've found most people are making a few common mistakes when blow drying. These mistakes are making their life much more difficult when trying to blowout their own hair! So I have put together a helpful step by step guide to teach you all to do your own blowouts too!

Product is Key

I promise you part of the reason why your hair looks so good after your salon visit is partially thanks to the products. Everyones hair is different, and each person will have different recommended products for specific needs or concerns. I'm going to recommend three basic products that anyone can use to do a blowout on themselves. After towel drying your hair as much as possible, put all three of these products in, and then comb your hair to distribute evenly.

Living Proof 5-in-1: I love this product because it's great for everyone no matter what hair type. It delivers the five benefits for a perfect hair day in one easy step...smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength and polish. It styles and treats without compromising one for the other, keeps your style cleaner, longer and reduces breakage by 78%, making hair 4.5x stronger! Apply a dime size about of this product from length to ends, and run whats left over through the roots.


Living Proof Blowout: Perfection for blow drys, especially when doing your own. It reduces the amount of brush work needed to shape your style, locks in your blowout all day, provides heat protection up to 450° F and can also be used on second-day hair or to touch-up as a finish step. Spray this section by section throughout the entire head, holding about 6 inches away from scalp.

Living Proof Prime Style Extender: This product repels dirt and oil to keep hair cleaner, longer while creating an optimal base for all styles. Apply a dime size amount from roots to ends.

Use the Right Tools

Investing in a good blow dryer is well worth it. It will give you more shine, shorten your style time, and allows you to reduce frizz. I personally use the Sam Villa ETC Light Professional Iconic Drier. It works great for me as a stylist because it's ergonomic, very lightweight, and dries hair quickly. Other good brands are Babyliss, or pretty much anything you can get from your stylist, Ulta or Sephora.

Use the Concentrator! (As shown above) This one is a HUGE mistake that most clients make. The concentrator helps direct the airflow onto the strand you're working on, rather than blow drying it all over the place, creating frizz and expansion. Make sure it's always pointing down, with the hair for optimal smoothness.

Get the right brushes. Your brush should fit your length of hair. For example, for long hair, use a large round brush, for short hair use a small round brush. You can also use different round brushes for different parts of the hair, for example, in the bang use a small round brush. Your hair should wrap around your round brush perfectly one time, with the ends of your hair sitting directly under the brush. So, if you have shorter layers you might need to use a smaller round brush for the top sections of your hair than you did on the length. I love the Olivia Garden brushes, they heat up fast & retain heat longer, while reducing drying time. The Tourmaline Ion Technology hydrates the cuticle, adds more shine to the hair, eliminates frizz & fly aways
and is Anti-static.

Start with the Bang

This step is super important, especially for those of you that have stubborn bangs. Get your bang established first, so that it doesn't dry on its own and force you to work against it. Always start with this step right after you have put your products in. Most clients need to use a small round brush. Over direct the bang to the complete opposite side that you wear it on. This will create more of a swoop. Lift the hair up and away from the face, while still over directing, for more volume. Round the ends of the hair, and bring it over to the side that you wear it, while still rounding.

Get hair 70%-80% Dry

There is no reason to try to round brush your hair while its soaking wet! Remember to use the concentrator, and "rough dry" the hair, getting it about 70%-80% dry. Keep the nozzle pointed down the whole time, smoothing the hair, and just using your fingers for tension. See photo 1 below.

Go Back and Over Direct Sections for Volume

If you want volume, go back and blow dry the root upwards for lift. Always go in the opposite direction that the hair falls. You just need to do this in the crown, since that's where you want most of your volume. See photo 2 below.

Section Hair with Jaw Clips

The size of sections will make or break your whole blow dry. If they're too big you will be working twice as hard to get the hair smooth and dry. The sections should be about 1/4" to 1/2" in depth, and should be no wider than the round brush.

Round the Ends, then Take the Dryer off and continue to round while letting the hair "cool"

After smoothing your section and getting it dry, continue to round the hair with the brush at the ends, but take the blow dryer off the hair (while still rounding) letting the hair cool while "setting" the style.

Continue Taking Small Sections until You Reach the Crown, Begin to Over Direct Forward for Maximum Lift

Take the same size sections all the way up the head until you reach the crown, where you want volume. This is where you will start lifting the round brush instead of just smoothing it straight down. Always over direct the hair in the opposite direction that it falls for the most volume.

With the Last Section, Closest to the Bang, Bring Blow Drier in front and Blow Dry Back


For the last section, come towards the forehead with the concentrator facing you. Over direct your round brush away from your face for maximum lift. Roll the round brush and set it directly on your head like a roller. Heat it up with the blow dryer and then let it cool. Remove the brush and let it fall back, away from your face.


After you've completed your blowout lightly run the blow dryer over your hair one more time, just to ensure its all dry. No round brush is needed for this part. Make sure your hair is 100% dry to eliminate frizz through the day.






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